How to Start a Courier Business

ByLanee’ Blunt
Courier service transport documents
 and pakages for organizations.

Startinga courier service is a rewarding and lucrative business. You may find that youare in competition with the big companies. Couriers will transport documentsand packages for individuals, businesses, intuitions, and government agenciessome companies will prefer working with a small courier business. Your courierservice can offer clients in your community convenient delivery or pick-upservices.

Startwith a business plan
Abusiness plan will be required if you are going to request financing. It canhelp you by getting you a business loan and -investors. Include in the plan thename of your company, what your business hours will be, and the types ofvehicles your company will use for transporting goods.

Acquirea “Doing Business As,” DBA. Register a legal name for your business if you aregoing to use a name other than your own name. Apply for the DBA with aregistration form with your state and local government.

Applyfor an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the US Internal RevenueService if you have hired employees. Take the test for your commercial driver’slicense.

Advertiseyour Business
Youcan start your business with a small investment and a vehicle. Send direct mailand postcards to dry cleaners, spirits, fast food, medications, event tickets,grocery stores, and pet food stores. 

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