Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Postcards

By Lanee’ Blunt

Postcards are a great way toadvertise. The advertisement is written on one side of the card which allowsthe prospect to read it even briefly. You have a better chance of getting the postcard read because it has noenvelope. They are easy to create too. They have a way of speaking directly toyour client in a personal way. Postcard advertising is ideal for the smallbusiness owner on a budget.

One advantage of postcardsis direct mail can be expensive depending on how many letters you aresending.  If you are planning to sendthousands of letters, at different intervals, this can be quite expensive. Youwill save on postage if you are planning to send large quantities of postcards.The cost is low, here in the USA;postage for a postcard is about $0.28 opposed to the cost for a first classstamped envelope.

They don’t make the sale,but they pave the way to send more advertising literature.  You can use them to let customers know thatyou are offering a discount, or let prospects know that a salesperson willvisit them. They do not require opening, so offer a discount, or a specialbonus, and your postcard will at least be evaluated.

A disadvantage of postcardsis the limited size. You may want to put a lot of information on it but theamount of content that can go on the card is limited.

Another disadvantage is thatyou will not have the privacy of using regular direct mail, and they do notprovide a means of concealing content.

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