Advantages of Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

ByLanee’ Blunt

Asmall business has many advantages of marketing their company online. Manysmall businesses are having less of a return from traditional marketing likethe Yellow Pages, and newspapers. They are looking for new ways to market theirbusiness. Marketing online helps to stretch your marketing budget. There aremany benefits to marketing online that traditional offline marketing doesn’toffer.

Marketingonline allows you to specifically target and measure the response fromdemographics such as gender, age and location. It allows you to target incomelevels, occupation levels and education levels. The same demographic researchcan be done in traditional marketing but with online marketing it is easier.

Placing your product or service on a TV commercial can beexpensive depending on the time it’s shown. Internet marketing is much cheaperbecause a free listing on Google Local is just as effective as a listing in theYellow Pages. A search engine optimization campaign can offer long-term result anda small ad with Pay-Per-Click is very effective. When a person is searching fora product or service your ad may be on the first page of the Google results forthat keyword.

Onlinemarketing has the ability to convert customers instantly by capturing thecustomer’s email address, contract information, and it also gives them the abilityto buy from you with the click of a mouse. On the other hand, when you senddirect mail you have to get the right mailing list, send reply cards and followup on leads.

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