High Qualified Online Tutor

Being a student is not easy. Not only because there is so much to learn and understand but also because you are expected to get good grades out of it. Help is therefore important. It is very understood that a student at times will need assistance in learning. Therefore if you wish to achieve the aforementioned you have come to the right place. Online tutors are available to help out. However how are you able to refer to the best to cater to your learning needs? The tutor review calculus web site is where you can start with.

The tutors’ origin from different disciplines which is what will make sure you have someone to talk to if you need help. They are assisting and are able to suit schedules for the online tutorial. The team is more than happy to make sure that you are not overpaying as well. Despite that, you are still assured that the qualifications and your expectations meet. This assurance will be provided by the ten minute tutorial that is for free. For any budget that you have you can also select between the tutorial plans of thirty minutes or more and even less. This is what makes sure you stick to whatever budget you like.

The next feature that sets them apart is the use of technology. A whiteboard mechanism is what they offer. The whiteboard comes of a literal form only online. This is a shared tool that enables the student and the tutor to share calculations or simply highlight certain factors. The whiteboard has proven to ease sessions that are run and until today not a single client has been brought down. The more you know the better this is the rule that applies at school and in a learning atmosphere. With this team you can enhance your learning experience to the maximum.

Finding Out About The Whole Life Insurance

Many people sense not sure and so are uncertain any time thinking about their whole life insurance. To help you get eliminate these kinds of concerns, we're right here to help you. There exists a team which is very skilled as well as professional to be able to provide you any aid. We'll assist you to deal with the issues relating to towards the planning associated with life insurance coverage policies.
You cannot neglect just how important could it be to decide on such insurance coverage company the best idea. It is recommended to hold the simple knowledge since how to find the first-rate insurance company which can be within your neighborhood. In addition to this kind of, possessing understanding of simple goal as well as the advantages of whole life policy can also be vital. The truth is more and more individuals choose life insurance so that they can abandon one thing worthwhile for family members once they perish.

Now you have any gold opportunity if you have not decided to pick any of the whole life businesses. Generally it is very important to get full knowledge about most of the organizations linked to life insurance policies as it can certainly enable you to help make a lot more income. It is essential to get a very best deal with the very best life insurance company. It is possible by means of web. All you have to do is always to visit general life insurance coverage sites and you will get the best insurance policies provided by the common lifestyle organizations. You should pick this type of company for your insurance plan which fits you the best. As for because policies are concerned, they will change from company to company.

Additionally it is a smart idea to mustn't totally count on the net simply but also check out numerous insurance coverage companies in your town. After you have info, evaluate the policies then choose the the one that provides you with the very best and viable policies as well as programs. Using a ending up in the particular customer's services representative can also be critical to get full responses questions you may have that you've in your mind. Reassure these that the goal is the greatest suitable plan which takes care of all the element your household member. In this manner they are able to provide you with the very best obtainable coverage.

Usually life insurance coverage plans are the traditional types. Several who are able to accomplish greatest profit, they ought to go for constant profit. It's also good for the ones who can not conserve regularly, since it helps them to make properly conserving procedures

Last however, not the smallest amount of it is would have been a smart decision on your part to accept aid of an expert before the collection of any complete life insurance coverage. He/she can assist you when deciding on one of the most viable insurance coverage.

You will have a set level of once a month income on your own as well as the family all the life span insurance coverage. You are suggested to find the organization based on your earnings and your needs as some programs tend to be affordable to start with. Following the dying, likely an excellent whole life insurance coverage is needed your loved ones.

Global lifestyle and varied global every day life is each of the principles regarding whole life insurance policies. Although the simple settings is comparable of all insurance providers, however there might be a difference in terms of since benefits and various alternatives associated with preserving that you simply get from organization are involved.

Where to Get High Quality Invoice Templates

In your attempt to boost business efficiency, you seemingly need to consider using invoice templates. As you surely have known, boosting business efficiency is really crucial to consider because the efficiency of your business can determine the growth and profit of your business. The more efficient the business is, the better the growth and profit is. In this case, invoice templates can become a perfect solution to boost your business efficiency because invoice templates can help saving your time, energy, and money in creating invoices for your customers. If you use invoice templates, you can make invoice fast, easily, conveniently, and affordable.

Thankfully, there are many websites offering Invoice Template these days, so you should not have difficulties to find templates. However, since you certainly want to use great templates, you need to be careful in choosing a template provider. For this purpose, a survey will need to be carried out. In your survey, you should consider choosing a template provider that can provide customized templates. You must use customized templates as you surely need to personalize every invoice you send to your customers. Next, you should choose a template provider that has selections of templates. When people have selections, they have chances to find a template that best meets their expectations.

Further, you have to consider a template provider that can provide free Invoice Service. If you surf the web, you can easily find out template providers that offer free invoice templates. You just need to stick on them because such provider certainly helps reducing your business expenses. Then, the last thing you have to consider in your survey is to choose a template provider that has a reachable customer support. Even though you don’t expect to experience problems, you will certainly feel more relaxed and relieved if you can reach customer support easily.

Sentry Link Blog

The importance of a criminal background check for employment conduct is crucial. Many have lost their lives to sex offenders who have been sent to clients of customer’s home for repairs or regular fixing. This is so as the employers are not screened through in the process of recruitment. If you have heard of these stories before the best way to prevent them from happening to you is to only be in cooperation or in touch with companies that conduct these background tests. There is a fine line between companies that guarantee you the best results and ones that accomplish a background test explicitly.

Companies today are bringing to form security in all levels of their division. All their employees are screened to prevent the worst from happening. If you are a representative of a company that wishes to implement the best security system only the Sentry Link Blog is where you can refer to for accurate details. In general the team designs a device that allows you to screen with the best features. Rapidity, thoroughness and reliable information is what the device is capable of providing you. If you are at the moment not equipped with a background check device the last thing you should be doing is hesitating and wasting time.

The Sentry Link is connected to the national database allowing you to access only the most reliable pieces of information. The database is government owned and therefore always up to date. As they are the most reliable sources you don’t have to go through multiple cross checking procedures just to complete one profile. In contrast to this as they are accurate in data providing you are enabled to accomplish many profiles at once! With terrific rates and no additional bills to pay at the end of the month, this is the device for you.

Forming a Limited Company Smartly

Are you currently attempting to form a limited company? Would you like to know how to form a limited company smartly? Well, as a business owner, you are surely interested in forming a limited company. It has become a clear fact that forming a company is more or less similar to registering your business. If your business is registered, your business is surely legal. You certainly know that having a legal business will give you peace of mind because you don’t need to worry about the legality of your business. When you are worries free, you can run your business maximally. 

In your effort to form a limited company, you had better do it smartly. Thankfully, there are companies offering company formations so you don’t need to bother yourself to fill out company formation application forms and to meet the other requirements. If you hire an expert to form a limited company for you, you surely will be free from all hassles of forming company. This means that you can have more time to concentrate on your business. As you certainly have known, you need lots of energy, time, and money in order to grow your business and to achieve your business goal. If there has been an expert who deals with all of your company formation tasks, you certainly can focus on your business cores easily. 

Then, you should manage to be careful and considerate in choosing a company formation expert because you need to make sure that you hire an expert that can exceed your expectations. In this case, you are recommended to make a survey on all companies offering company formation services so you can easily figure out a company that is right for you. Therefore, anytime you feel the need to form a limited company, you had better hire an expert to do it.

How does an affiliate network

A network of branches is also an intermediate product. It acts as an intermediary between the trader and an editor online. Provides an easy way to shop online, the online editor, where you can see your ad, the affiliate network is also what allows the trader to track the performance of your ad, and use this information to optimize your program to meet the demand and need. The concept of the store was made popular by Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon.com. His concept of affiliate network was born. The job of the affiliate network is monitoring the ongoing activities at the site of the Order of the payments, and, if necessary, to establish links to the website affiliates.

Another piece of the affiliate network is to compile a list of participants. To serve members as well as help desk for both dealers and online journalist. Online retailers have the opportunity to look for publishers, but it's easier for them to give the right niche when they get to see the service of an affiliate network. In the online world, "affiliate" is the term for someone who starts promotes and sells (for free) that someone created to describe another product. Affiliates may have distribution partners online and can be anything from electronic books and MP3 players, books, Home Insurance sold anything on the Internet are sold through affiliates to sell and they also do cpc network program.
In affiliate marketing, or if you are a seller, a person to sell the products or affiliate does, and anyone who wants to promote a different material. Affiliate commissions can be up to 75% in some products, there are certainly a lot of money online by promoting other people's products will be provided. However, the real money comes from the sale of its products through an affiliate network online, according to the committee. In fact, the management of the franchise network requires a little work, though. As mentioned above, starting with a full-service partner websites is a good way to get your feet wet, but in the end, the best way for entrepreneurs serious.

How to Start a Courier Business

ByLanee’ Blunt
Courier service transport documents
 and pakages for organizations.

Startinga courier service is a rewarding and lucrative business. You may find that youare in competition with the big companies. Couriers will transport documentsand packages for individuals, businesses, intuitions, and government agenciessome companies will prefer working with a small courier business. Your courierservice can offer clients in your community convenient delivery or pick-upservices.

Startwith a business plan
Abusiness plan will be required if you are going to request financing. It canhelp you by getting you a business loan and -investors. Include in the plan thename of your company, what your business hours will be, and the types ofvehicles your company will use for transporting goods.

Acquirea “Doing Business As,” DBA. Register a legal name for your business if you aregoing to use a name other than your own name. Apply for the DBA with aregistration form with your state and local government.

Applyfor an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the US Internal RevenueService if you have hired employees. Take the test for your commercial driver’slicense.

Advertiseyour Business
Youcan start your business with a small investment and a vehicle. Send direct mailand postcards to dry cleaners, spirits, fast food, medications, event tickets,grocery stores, and pet food stores. 

Entrepreneur:Business Idea Center; Community Delivery Service
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Advantages of the Marketing Mix

ByLanee’ Blunt
4 Ps of Marketing Mix--

Themarketing mix has benefits for a small business that wants to market theirbusiness. The marketing mix consists of the choices and decisions that abusiness must make to bring their product or service to the market. All smallbusinesses should spend a certain amount of their finances on marketing. Thereis some work to do to find out what your customers want and how your companycan produce the product or service at a price that will represent a value tothem.

Yourproduct or service should be looked at in terms of how customers willexperience it. Think about the features and does it meet their needs. How isyour product branded? How are you different from your competitors?

Accessthe right distribution channels to sell your product or service. Attend tradefairs, make online submissions, or should you send samples to customers.

Picka price for your product or service that will add value to the buyer. How doesyour price compare with the competition? 

Promoteyour product or service to your target market. Reach your audience withadvertising, direct mail, TV or radio, and through public relations. Build awebsite. Look at your competitors and how they promote their business.

Themarketing mix is known as the 4 Ps because each ingredient affects the other.The marketing mix is the way in which a business uses price, product, place,and promotion to sell its product or service.

 Mind Tools: The Marketing Mix and 4 Ps
Tutor2u:The Marketing Mix 

Advantages of Email Marketing Letters

ByLanee’ Blunt

Emailmarketing is an effective way to advertise your product or service.  Your email marketing letter can providecustomers with information, and special offers. Most small businesses may notunderstand how email marketing can benefit their business here are some advantagesof email marketing letters.

Oneadvantage of email marketing is that it is cost effective. By using a freeemail account your email marketing will be free. Emailing direct mail ischeaper than sending regular direct mail you will save on postage, andstationary.

Emailmarketing has the advantage of reaching a wide range of prospects. It allowsyou to market your product or service around the clock. The internet allowsprospects to respond to your email messages immediately.

Directemail marketing can be measured. You can keep track of your marketing effortsby measuring the details from the open and click through rates to evaluate thesuccess of your campaign.

Fastand Easy
Itallows marketers the ease of delivering messages fast. Just with the basicknowledge of the internet you will be able to type your direct marketing letterand click send. It is also fast, your prospects will receive your emailmarketing letter within minutes. The speed is faster than direct mail, waitingfor the post office to deliver, and waiting to hear from the prospect.

Tips on Direct Mail Marketing

ByLanee’ Blunt

Direct mail isnot just for large corporations, if it is written correctly, it will be to youradvantage to use. It will help you get more prospects. Actually the salesletter is ideal for small business because it can completely give the benefitsof using your service. The package can be highly personalized to your targetaudience and can be produced with a laser printer, and letterhead stationery.
They are goodat keeping your name in front of prospects so when they are ready to buy theymight call your company.  They areeffective in helping to keep in touch with former customers.  You can obtain better qualified leads andwhen someone sends you a reply form back they will be expecting you to callthem.

The direct mail should have an offer.The most important element to have in direct mail is the offer. It gives theprospect a reason to respond to your direct mail. An offer is what yourprospect will receive when he calls you. The offer gives the prospect a reasonto call. For example, you can offer your prospect a free sample if he calls, orgive him a free informative brochure.
Your directmail can be targeted toward a group of people and written just for that groupto interest them in your product or service. Examine carefully your product orservice and make a list of the features and benefits.

How to Make Quality Business Cards

ByLanee’ Blunt

Businesscards are used for networking, advertising to get your message out there, andfor your making contact information available to prospects. A small businessowner should have a quality business card because it lets customers know thatyou are ready to compete. You can make a business card on your computer or goto a professional printer.
Createa Business Logo
Alogo can be created using a graphics program or a clip art program. Choose alogo that relates to your company. Save the image of the logo in a .jpg or .pngfile.
Openthe tools menu and choose business cards. Look at the templates. Choose apublication design that you like in the gallery.   A Business card template appears. Click oncard. Click download. Type your business informathon into the personalinformation page.  This includes yourname, job or position, organization name, address, phone, fax, and email.Import your company logo right in the design of the business card. Your logoshould be a design that expresses what your business is and helps you stand outfrom the competition.
Savethe File
Ifyou are going to print the business cards yourself use the Print Previewcommand to make sure that the cards look satisfactory. Print as many as youneed. If you are going to let a professional print the card save it on CD andtake it to a copy center.

Marketing Brochure Example

ByLanee’ Blunt

Writingbrochure content is important when you understand what you want the brochure toaccomplish. A good marketing brochure is the result of exceptional planning.Whether you need a brochure for a new product that you are launching or if youneed one to pass out after your public speech, you’ll need to follow a basicstructure.
Whatis Your Product or Service?
Describeyour product or service completely. Convince the prospects to buy your productin the brochure. Customers want the information especially if they are going tospend a lot of money on a big ticket item. For example, a vacation or college,so don’t just give the information but sell also.

DescribeWhat You Offer
Allof your services should be written in detail. Describe what you offer and howyou are different from your competition. Don’t just focus on your company butfocus on your customer. Talk about how your product or service can service theneeds and wants of your customers.

Usegraphs, charts, tables, and other visual aids to help illustrate your product.Organize the brochure with headings and subheads which make it easy to read.Use photos that show how your product is used. Write a caption under each ofyour photographs.

JaneMaas; Better Brochures Catalogs and Mailing Pieces: A Practical Guide; St.Martin’s Press

How to Advertise a Small Business for Free Online

ByLanee’ Blunt

Whenyou need new clients or customers despite how good your product or service isyou will have to advertise. In difficult times the marketing budget is alwaysthe first to go. When you are on a budget you can network and also cold call. Advertisingyour small business for free is possible online.

Getyour small business listed in online directories. Electronic directories are a goodplace to have your business listed; some are free and will let you include aprofile about your small business.

Itis a free way to advertise your business. Set up an account by submitting yourcompany information, photos and video. You have to verify your listing by phoneor by postcard. Google places will list your small business. After the listingis setup, fill out the information about your company, phone, fax, email.Include your payment options and your categories for your business. Most consumerssearch for local businesses online.

Listyour company on craigslist. Post an ad on Craigslist for free. List yourbusiness under the right category and location.

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How to Open a Bakery Business

ByLanee’ Blunt

Youmay get a lot of compliments from your family and friends about your cakes andpies. Owning your own bakery may be your dream and you want to open a bakery. Adegree in pastry arts may help, but it's not necessary to open a bakery. Youcan learn the craft with time and experience and you have the potential to makegood money.

Writea Business Plan
Abusiness plan will be required if you are going to request financing,considering constructing, remodeling or taking over an existing food establishment.It can help you by getting you a business loan and investors.

Evaluateyour funds and make sure that you have enough money to carry you through 18 to24 months.  Baking entrepreneurs oftenself-finance. You may need to secure outside funding. Try your local communityto bank.

Lookfor a high traffic location, for example near a school, college, bus or trainterminal.

Buycommercial sized equipment that will be able to stand the heavy cookingyou will be doing. Talk to equipment dealers for the best technical advice.

Youwill need to check with your state for information or contact the Bureau ofConsumer Health Services to get a health inspection. Once the inspection hasbeen passed, fill out the necessary forms and pay for the permit. For a mobilebakery stand you will need an inspection of your kitchen and apply for aseparate mobile food permit. Visit or go to your local health departmentwebsite and find out the licenses and permits you will need to apply for.


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Creating a Small Business Website

ByLanee’ Blunt

Creatinga small business website for your company is a wise investment. After you haveset up the website what content should you include on your site? Most smallbusinesses are concerned with graphics, and miss the one thing that sells.Words. A salesman knows the right presentation to bring in sales. Why shouldn’tyour website do the same thing for you?
Studyyour competitor’s site carefully and stress how your small business isdifferent. Please don’t plagiarize. Stress what makes you stand out from thecrowd.

Listthe benefits of your company. Think about why your visitors are coming to yourwebsite. What is in it for them and what do they want?

Youmust build trust and credibility. There are a lot of phonies out there andpeople looking to scam others. What value do you offer your customers?

Includeall of your contact information in one place. A contact page complete withaddress, phone, fax, email, and etc.

Callto Action
Youwant the prospect to buy from you, or generate an inquiry. You can create acall to action to get an immediate response. The offer might be for example,enter your email address for a free newsletter.

Yourwebsite is an excellent place to send your customers to learn more about yourcompany and to showcase your service. Reference:

RobertW. Bly; The Online Copywriter’s Handbook; McGrall; 2003

How to Start Up an Online Business

ByLanee’ Blunt

Whenyou start an online business you can sell your own products, work withwholesale suppliers, write content, or start an online store. Starting anInternet business doesn’t require a lot of overhead, and is a business to getinto with minimum upfront investment.

Decidewhat type of internet business you will be going into. Is it a product orproducts that you are selling or are you going to sell; business to business,or sell your service? Are you going to do affiliate marketing? A sales taxlicense is required to collect sales taxes. The requirements may be different,so you must check with your own local licensing department. Most onlinebusinesses will take time and work to get going, there will be a lot of thingsto learn, and things to do before the commerce is started.

Registeryour domain name. This is the web address of your online business. Get a webhost. It will provide you with space and support to create your website. Designyour website because it will be considered your store front. You can design ityourself, use a template, or hire someone to design it for you.

Usesearch engine optimization to drive people to your website. Pay-per-clickadvertising is an effective method to get traffic to a new site. Capture yourvisitor's email addresses when they visit your site. Build an opt-in list fromyour customers and subscribers by asking them to give you permission to sendthem an e-mail. Create an email newsletter and send it to your customers.

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Advantages of Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

ByLanee’ Blunt

Asmall business has many advantages of marketing their company online. Manysmall businesses are having less of a return from traditional marketing likethe Yellow Pages, and newspapers. They are looking for new ways to market theirbusiness. Marketing online helps to stretch your marketing budget. There aremany benefits to marketing online that traditional offline marketing doesn’toffer.

Marketingonline allows you to specifically target and measure the response fromdemographics such as gender, age and location. It allows you to target incomelevels, occupation levels and education levels. The same demographic researchcan be done in traditional marketing but with online marketing it is easier.

Placing your product or service on a TV commercial can beexpensive depending on the time it’s shown. Internet marketing is much cheaperbecause a free listing on Google Local is just as effective as a listing in theYellow Pages. A search engine optimization campaign can offer long-term result anda small ad with Pay-Per-Click is very effective. When a person is searching fora product or service your ad may be on the first page of the Google results forthat keyword.

Onlinemarketing has the ability to convert customers instantly by capturing thecustomer’s email address, contract information, and it also gives them the abilityto buy from you with the click of a mouse. On the other hand, when you senddirect mail you have to get the right mailing list, send reply cards and followup on leads.

MarketingSmart: 10 Advantages of Online Marketing vs. Traditional Media; Martin Wong;2009
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Creating a Company Newsletter

ByLanee’ Blunt

Havinga professional looking newsletter is an excellent way to promote your smallbusiness. It is a very effective public relations tool that helps to marketyour product or service, by drawing attention to your small business.  Publishing a newsletter is a big commitmentin time, but it also helps you keep in touch with prospects, generate trust anddevelop brand awareness.

Thesize of your newsletter should depend on the amount of information you want toinclude. Most newsletters are between four and eight pages long. The typical newsletteris four pages long with the back used as a self-mailer.

Concentrateon your audience when writing the articles. Know your audience and what isimportant to them. There are three or four feature articles included in thenewsletter. Give the reader important tips and information that they can use.

Writethe newsletter in a desktop publishing program. They are very useful fornewsletters. Some programs are easy to learn and inexpensive. If you arecreative you can create a professional looking newsletter in full color foryour company. “Initially, it might take several issues for you to produce thefinished product with relative ease. Your desktop skills will improve withevery newsletter you produce, so practice is essential,” according to LoriannOberlin-Hoff in her book Writing for Money. The publication frequency of thenewsletter depends on your commitment, if it will be published weekly, monthlyor quarterly.

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Lead Generation Strategies

By Lanee’ Blunt

Lead generation is not a new concept. Large corporations and brokers often advertise that they will send a booklet of information concerning income tax or their special market letters free of charge. The purpose of the free offer is to get names of people of a certain financial standing that is interested in the offering. Gaining leads for your small business is a numbers game.

An ad can be written for your product or service to produce a certain amount of leads. Ads that are aimed to generate leads do not give the full story, to get the full story the prospect must call, mail in a coupon, write, or go to a website. You can launch the ad promotion for a certain amount of days and then cut the ad when you have enough leads. Although, advertising has a high cost you still have a high level of control.

A referral is a low cost method of lead generation. Be creative in obtaining referrals. You can create a referral program by contacting your customers within 30 or 45 days and ask them for three names and phone numbers of someone they know that can use your product or service.

Lead Generation Agencies
They specialize in providing leads for your company. These leads are usually qualified for your product or service. Your product or service is advertised and promoted on a website. The consumer finds the informational website or directory and then they are able to complete an online quote or form which is submitted to the agency. The new lead’s information is verified and sent to the appropriate provider in an email.

Entrepreneur; Gaining the Lead; John Jantsh; 2008
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How to Create Your Own Letterhead

By Lanee’Blunt

A smallbusiness or a consultant should have their own letterhead because it makes youlook professional and helps you compete with other companies. “A letterheadoften is the first section a reader notices on a letter.  Thus, it is important your letterheadappropriately reflect the essence of the individual or business,” according toGary Shelly, Thomas Cashman and Misty Vermaat in their book, “Microsoft Office2007.”

Most desktoppublishing programs have features for letterheads but you can also create aletterhead in a word processing program. Look at the templates. Choose a letterheaddesign that you like in the gallery.  Aletterhead template appears.

Some softwareprograms will allow you to create a logo or download one from the internet. Importyour company logo right in the design of the letterhead. Your logo should be adesign that will help you stand out from your competition.

Determine theplacement of the letterhead. Some letterheads have a design and color at thetop of the paper and the same color or another color on the bottom. Verticaldesigns are another option to consider with bright designs along the side withyour logo.

Type yourbusiness information into the personal information page.  This includes your name, job or position,organization name, address, suite number, phone, fax, and email. Choose a professionalfont size. 

Proofreadbefore printing. Print one copy to be sure that you like the color scheme andlayout. Print as many copies as needed.

Gary Shelly,Thomas Cashman and Misty Vermaat; Microsoft Office 2007; Thomson Course Technology

How to Create a Sales Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt

Creating a sales brochure is more than adding a list of yourservices to a desktop publishing program. Your company brochure must reflectyour overall company image and be in tune with your marketing message. Don’twait until the last minute to create a brochure. You will have limited time tocreate one when you are trying to win a bid, or when a prime prospect asks formore information on your small business.

Know Your Audience
The brochure has to be written with your audience inmind.  What do they want from yourcompany? This is not the opportunity to go on and on about how great yourcompany is. Look at it from the prospective of; what do they want from you?

Describe What You Offer
You should have a well-planned outline before you write it,so you can drive home the selling points. The brochure has to provide informationabout the features of using your product or service. “There are many ways toformat and design a brochure, but the content is the most important part ofyour brochure and its purpose is to inform the reader with intention selling, accordingto Ian B. Rosengarten’s book How to Market your Business.

The layout of the brochure is important and you should be concernedwith how it looks. Use visuals that will help you make your sales point. “Thebest brochure photos demonstrate the product’s usefulness by showing it inaction. Putting people in these photos usually adds to the visual’s appeal(people like looking at pictures of people), according Robert W. Bly in hisbook The Copywriter’s Handbook. A Step by Step Guide to Writing Copy thatSells. Your paper size is important also, you have a choice between two basicbrochure print sizes 8 ½” X 11” or 11” X 17”.

Ian B. Rosengarten; How to Market your Business; Sourcebooks
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How to Write a Proposal to Bid on a Job

ByLanee’ Blunt

Writingan effective proposal can win you the bid. It is important that you come upwith the most accurate cost estimate and develop a low-competitive priced bid. Abid proposal is necessary for a business to be considered on a project, and isusually part of a sealed bidding process.

Readthe request for proposal (RFP) several times before preparing the bid. Addressthe major topics in the RFP making sure that you have a clear understanding ofthe specifications and requirements. Gather all of the information and completeall required forms that must be submitted with the bid.

Writeyour bid response. Write the company profile section. Include information aboutyour small business, your experience, and your method of performance. Tell thereader why they should hire your company. Give your work references or samplesof the type of work you have performed.

Performancesection explains how your company will do the job. Focus on the highlights ofyour business. What are the benefits of using your business?
Providea list of your employees and resumes of key personnel. All of your senior staffshould have professional resumes included in the proposal. Write a detaileddescription of your business, your experience, and the date you established thecompany.

Costsection. The bidding price should come out of the budget detail, the cost ofmaterial if any; labor, overhead, packaging and transportation. The priceshould meet the supplier’s rate of return objectives.

Attachfinancial statements, compliance reports, certificates, licenses, and companybrochures with your bid proposal.


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Affordable Small Business Advertising

By Lanee' Blunt

Advertising a small business is effective when you put increativity and time. You may not have a big advertising budget when startingout, but there are several ways to advertise and produce results. Use a combinationof advertising ideas. Advertise in peak seasons if you’re in lawn care,housekeeping, and roofing. Here are some small business ideas.

Write Personal Letters
Advertise your small business by sending personal salesletters, use your computer to generate the letter, and use the mail mergefeature it will personalize your mailing list. Write a personal letter with afriendly tone for example; sound as if the prospect is sitting across from yourdesk in your office. Address the letter with the prospects full name andaddress. Most letters say something personal to the prospect, for example,congratulations on opening your new business. You can stress the benefits ofusing your product or service in the letter. The personal letter should containa specific piece of information. It contains a P.S., and it must be signed inink or a fountain pen.

Get Listed in Directories
Numerous directories carry a large amount of advertising.List your small business with the Yellow Pages. You will get local calls fromyour advertisement. The Yellow Pages is used often and almost by everyone. Thedirectory is usually used when someone has searched for a definite need orinformation. Create your ad like you would for a business-card with a listingof; the name, the trademark, the product, or the service that you offer.Register on web directories also. There are a number of free directories thatwill list your business information and telephone number.

Get Referrals
A good referral program can go a long way for gettingcustomers. Devise a referral program and give a free gift if your customersgive you three referrals. Ask them for a name, address, and phone number ofthree of their friends.

Specialty Products
Get pens, calendars, or mugs made up with your smallbusiness name, address and phone number. Distribute the specialty item toclients, to prospects and to everyone that you think can use your product orservice.

Pay Per Click
The approach is different from advertising on televisionwith pay per impression. Adwords is pay per click (PPC) which allows you toadvertise your website or a product on the side or top of the page of thesearch engine or on someone’s website. When someone clicks on your ad they will be directed to your website.This drives traffic in high volumes to your website.


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Direct Mail Advertising

ByLanee’ Blunt
Write a product marketing letter--

Directmail advertising is a common form of advertising. They are used by multimilliondollar corporations and by small businesses. Direct mail is effective ingetting more leads, selling products, and getting your sales team into thedoor. Marketing letters are effective in getting sales leads and can help youmarket your service with direct mail.   Directmail can be used instead of cold calling and when you call the prospect theywill expect to hear from you.

Reachesa Target Market
Yourdirect mail can be targeted toward a group of people and written just for thatgroup to interest them in your product or service. Examine carefully yourproduct or service and make a list of the features and benefits. “Direct mailis the only mass medium that can be directed toward target groups or prospects.The message may be highly personalized and can also be designed as an effectivemarket research tool,” according to B. Charles Ames and James D. Hlavacek, intheir book, Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms, Random House,

An advantageof using a sales letter is that it can be tested to see how well it will do. Testyour sales letter before you invest your time and your money in a direct mailprogram.  You have to know if the letterwill pull a response.  You can use asmall sample of one hundred letters, mail them and test your response.  If the letter is not strong enough and youreceive no response then you must revise your letter.

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How to Open an Estate Sale Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Starting an estate salebusiness can be lucrative if you love to deal with antiques and organizingthings. An estate sales facilitator is called in when a loved one has died orif the family has to put someone in a nursing home. The family may not want todeal with the cleaning up and organizing of the loved ones items and gettingthe items sold so that the home can be sold.

You must set up yourbusiness as a legal entity. Decide which form of ownership is best for yourparticular business: sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited LiabilityCompany (LLC), corporation, or S corporation. You can operate your business under your own name or get a fictitiousname DBA and operate as a sole proprietorship. Get bonded because most familieswon’t work with you if you are not bonded. Obtain insurance to protect yourselfif you accidentally damage property or if you get hurt while on the job.

Hire employees. You may haveto work for families that have not cleaned up. And you may need to hire someoneon days when you have a lot of organizing to do for the big sale.  

Advertise your estate salebusiness. Market your business by passing out fliers. You can put up signsannouncing the sale. Put an ad in the newspaper.

The estate sale business isa good business and is almost recession proof. There will always be someonethat will need your service for their love one. If you are not great atappraising antiques you can always outsource and have a professional appraisethe antiques. Develop relationships with realtors and ask if they can recommendyou to their clients.


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Restaurant Business Plan

By Lanee’ Blunt

A lender will require thatyou have a restaurant business plan so start writing it before you approach them.Having a business plan helps you to focus on things that you want to do and toget your ideas down on paper. You will be showing the bank that you are clearand you have a plan to get your restaurant open and running. Although, there areno formulas for writing one, but there are some elements that are consistentthroughout all business plans.

Executive Summary
Write an overview of yourbasic idea of the restaurant. What is the name, and where is it located.Explain why you are best for the restaurant. What previous experience are youbringing to the restaurant?

Company Description
Write the company descriptionor the business analysis. Write your mission statement. Write about the localcompetition, and the population base. How many hours and days are you going tobe open?
What are some of the methodsthat you are going to use to get customers? How are you going to promote the restaurant?

Tell investors about theteam and how many employees are you going to hire. Write about your managementteam. Who is going to be the general manager? What experience and education does he or she have? Who is going to bethe chef and the experience that he or she has? What is your role in therestaurant? Are you going to be the manager or the head cook?

Finance Section
The finance section of thebusiness plan should include a profit and loss statement that projects how muchyou are going to spend vs. how much to intend to make. Company incomestatements, balance sheets and other financial ratios, such as a break-evenanalysis, or a cost estimate that explains the estimated cost of the building,equipment needed, cost of installation of equipment, vehicles needed fortransportation. You may require help from your accountant or a good spreadsheetsoftware program.


4 Ways to Advertise a Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Affordable advertising--

Advertising your smallbusiness on a budget can be challenging. However, advertising can be done on abudget, but it requires some time on your part. Here are four options you maywant to consider that are inexpensive and effective. 

Get Listed Electronic Directories
Electronic directories are agood place to list your business, some of them are free, and they let you writeabout your small business. Write an attention grabbing headline. List your businessin the Yellow Pages. 

Classified Advertising
Advertise your smallbusinesses in the classified section of newspapers or magazines. Classified adcharges are based on the number of lines, and on the number of words.  Classified ads are inexpensive and effective.

Door Hangers
Write an ad and target themarket that you want. For example, if you have a landscaping business you mightwant to target a high-end housing district. Door hangers are anotherinexpensive way to advertise your business they are affordable and effective.

Postcard advertising ishdeal for the small business owner on a budget. You can print labels on yourcomputer; the other side of the postcard should have an offer, for example, announcea sale, a discount, or two for the price of one. Create a tempting offer, andit should improve your response rate. 

Sample Business Proposal

By Lanee’ Blunt
Write your business proposal--

An outline helps you preparethe information that needs to go into the proposal. You must have a clearunderstanding of the business proposals objectives, technical scope, and cost.The proposal must convince the evaluators that you are familiar with theirrequirements and that you can do the work in a timely manner. Use yourletterhead stationary.

Executive summary sectionstates why the evaluators should use your company. Write an excellent reasonwhy they should choose your company over the competition. Tell the evaluatorshow you are going to do the requested work.

Answer the topics in thesame sequence in the request for proposal RFP. Answer all of the “major topicquestions” in essay form. 
Benefits or “Servicesprovided section. What are the benefits of using your business? The customer isinterested in what you can do for them. Focus on the highlights of your smallbusiness. The evaluators want to know about projects that you have done thatare similar to this project.

Write the “cost information”section and include the final price. Identify the goals that you want achieved.Stress the benefits of the finished plan including the evaluation.

State in the proposal atimeline and schedule for your completion dates. Write the date that the workwill be finished.

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