Advantages of a Small Business Newsletter

By Lanee’Blunt

Manybusinesses publish newsletters monthly to their prospects, clients, employees,and customers.  Newsletters are publicrelations material and are used by big corporations to help them promote theirown activities and carry out their missions.

Manysmall businesses want to use newsletters but they don't understand how they canwork for their particular business. Newsletters are not just forsupercorporations and nonprofit organizations; if it is written and producedprofessionally it will benefit your organization. Having a newsletter is a big commitmentin terms of writing and producing, so make sure you have enough material.Decide how often you will publish your newsletter. 

Newsletters Build an Image
Yoursmall business will have the opportunity to build an image with a prospect orclient.  You don't have to cold call ifyou have a client that was unable to make their mind up to order from you. Sendthem a newsletter it helps you keep your business name in front of the client.Over a period of time newsletters are able to help build a reputation with aselect group of prospects.

Gives Credibility
Thenewsletter is less credible than a story appearing in the newspaper or a tradejournal because it is produced by your small business. But the newsletter is arespectable medium and is highly read when you offer information that isinteresting and informative.  They tellus when the next meeting will be, who made partner, they give us financialplanning information, diet tips, and tell us how to remodel our kitchen.

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How to Write a Small Business Bid Letter

By Lanee’ Blunt

Writing a small business bidletter requires different things to consider when preparing the bid. Start withan outline this will help you organize information that needs to go into thebid letter.

Writing a bid letter can winyou the bid. A purchasing bid letter has to be planned before you begin theinitial writing. In most cases the bid will go to the lowest-priced responsiblebidder. They are evaluated with no discussion held with the bidders.


Things You’ll Need
Cost of material
Cover reports
Financial statements
Certificates and licenses

Analyze the requirements. Before you prepare the bid make sure you have afull understanding by studying the specifications and requirements to make thepurchase.  Examine all thespecifications, read the IFP several times.

Write the “Company profile”section. Write about your qualifications and your experience with similarjobs.  Include the bidder’sidentification number, number of employees. Tell the evaluators theresponsibilities of key personnel and subcontractors.  Add client references.

Write your response. Start the first paragraph with a section about your company. Bidsinclude the experience, expertise, and a reliability section and the method ofperformance. Tell the procurement staff or the business venture about yourorganization your experience and your work references or samples of the type ofwork performed. The second paragraph is the performance section and it should tellhow your organization will perform when you buy the business venture, ordeliver the goods requested in the bid document. The format is not thatimportant just make sure you have all the information included.

Your bid price should comeout of the budget detail, the materials, labor, overhead, packaging andtransportation. The price must meet the supplier’s rate of return objectives.

Make sure that the bid issigned.
Do not leave out attachment,for example financial statements, compliance reports, certificates, licenses,etc.

Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas

By Lanee’ Blunt
Marketing your smallbusiness online gives you the opportunity to reach people globally.  Online marketing is successful if you handleit properly.

Internet marketing can drivetraffic to your company website. In some cases it is more cost effective andcheaper than tradition forms of advertising. Getting an ad on television or afull page ad in the newspaper can be expensive, but putting an ad in an onlinedirectory is much cheaper.
Pay-per click advertising
Thisform of advertising allows a small business to set up an account, select a listof tightly targeted keywords that match your business, with keyword matchingand phrase matching. You will be listed on search engines with an effectivetext ad for your product or service. The keywords are low cost and highlyeffective.

Online Directories.
List your small business with an online directory and write a description about your business.  Use keyword tags.

Email marketing
Make iteasy to sign up for your email newsletter on your website.  You must have a way to capture the emailaddresses on your website. Make sure that all of the subscribers on your listhave opt-in to receive an email newsletter from you.
Banner advertising
Small rectangularadvertisements that range in appearance and size that can be used for productsor a service business. When a prospect clicks on it their internet browser willtake them to your website and advertisement.

How to Advertise Your Business by Email

By Lanee’ Blunt

Small businesses can benefitfrom advertising their business by email. It gives them another option that iscost effective.

Email marketing is a form ofdirect marketing. It solicits prospects to take some form of action. It is costeffective way that small businesses can market their business, and add newcustomers. Sending an email sales letter to a target audience has itsadvantages.  With email marketing you cantarget your prospects by their interest, age, profession and etc. Emailmarketing letters are successful if handled properly.

Building a Mailing List
The subscribers on yourmailing list must opt-in to receive your email, otherwise t it will be considera spam message.  The prospect must havetaken some kind of action to receive your email.  You can also get an opt-in mailing list froma list broker. There are many companies online that you can purchase or rent amailing list. Your company must provide a way for recipients to unsubscribe toyour email, so make it easy for them to opt-out from your email program.
Your house list is the bestlist to work from because it consists of people that have bought from you inthe past. Put your current customer’s names on the list, and all of yourprospects that you’ve given a sales presentation too.

Subject Line
The subject line is thefirst thing that the recipient sees.  Writesomething that will make the prospect read the email.  Use and offer, or write a benefit here.  The subject line has to be fifty charactersor less, so use it to get their attention.

The Offer
When you have an offer inyour email, you must make it possible for the link to be directly on the pagewhich has the offer. Don’t expect the reader to go from page to page lookingfor the offer. Use a custom-designed page thanking them for responding to theemail.

Tips on Making a Product Brochure

ByLanee’ Blunt

Havinga strong brochure will help you market your small business. They may beprepared in practically any style or color that is desired for your particularbusiness. They may be made with a desktop publishing program or online. I havewritten a lot of brochure content for small and large companies. You can hire acopywriter to write your brochure content or follow these tips.

The Cover
Thefront page of your product brochure should have a headline. The cover workslike a headline in print advertisement. State the position or promise theprospect a benefit on the cover. Your name, the title of the product, companylogo, and a visual should be on the cover.

The Final Page
Youmay include a section on frequently asked questions about the product. Includea company description in a brief summary to show excellence and that theproduct is backed by a reputable firm. Write about customer service,information on delivery and your product guarantees.

Ask for the Order
Tellthe reader what the next step will be, telephone, credit card or check, or go toyour website. Include this at the end of the final page give them a clear callto action.

The Graphics
Makeyour illustrations work hard by showing story appeal. Use graphics to createimpact. Your product is displayed in many attractive settings as possible.Demonstrate the product with how to use visuals. Write a caption under eachphotograph.

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How to Create a Product Brochure

ByLanee’ Blunt

Productbrochures are widely used in direct mail, and marketing. They are inexpensiveto make and lend themselves to considerable flexibility in use. A productbrochure should be well prepared and well thought-out. Work from an outlinebecause it forces you to think about what you want to say and what needs to beincluded in the brochure.

The Audience
Areyou writing to engineers, insurance companies or managers? Your brochure mustfit the informational needs of your audience. The engineer may be interested inperformance specifications of the product. The insurance company may beinterested in data or charts. Software programmers and engineers explain thatthey want to stick to the technical jargon in the brochure, and anything elseis a lot of fluff. The problem with that is that the product brochure is sales literatureand they often inform, persuade and close the sale.

The Facts
Tellconsumers everything they need to know about your product. Write about theproduct features, the specifications, and the performance. Give many featureson the product, but keep in mind that you must drive home the selling points. Alot of customers complain that brochures don’t give enough facts. The customerswant to know what’s included in the price, your hours, and your range of productsor services.

Roman,Kenneth, Jane Maas, and Martin Nisenholtz; How to Advertise; Thomas Dunne; 2003

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How to Advertise a Small Business Online

By Lanee’ Blunt

Marketing your smallbusiness online is an effective way to advertise. Many small businesses are lookingfor new ways to advertise their businesses as an addition to print advertising. Most online directories allow small businesses to list their business, write a description, and use keyword tags. Advertisingand creating a powerful ad will take time and effort. Write and rewrite the aduntil you come up with an ad that is successful. Create a powerful headlinethat will compel your prospects to take action.

Emailmarketing is a form of direct marketing in which you can reach prospects withan email message for the purpose of acquiring new customers, convincing them tobuy something, or sending advertisements. One advantage of email marketing is that your ROI can be tracked and it hasbeen proven to be high when done properly. All your subscribers must take someform of action to opt-in to indicate that they want you email message. Allsubscribers must know that they can easily opt-out if they don't want yourmessage.

Googleoffers low cost highly effective advertising for your product or service.Adwords provides your small business with effective text ads that are displayedwith search results. When you place your small business ad with Adwords it givesyou the ability to select a list of tightly targeted keywords that include,keyword matching, phrase matching, exact query matching, and negative keywordmatching. This targeting technique will help you create a high targeted adcampaign.

Online Directories
Mostonline directories allow small businesses to list their business, write a description,and use keyword tags.

Listyour product or service with an online classified site because people aresearching for a particular product or service they will find your ad.

Inc; Internet Opportunities SmallBusiness Overlook
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Tips on Making a Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt

Your small business musthave advertising material. Plan ahead when creating a brochure. You will havelimited time to create one when you are trying to win a bid, or when a primeprospect asks for more information on your small business.  You can lose the deal if you are not preparedand have a brochure that will help sell your service. Here are tips on creatinga sales brochure.

Write the brochure with youraudience in mind.  What do they want fromyour company? This is not the opportunity to go on and on about how great yourcompany is. Look at it from the prospective of what does the client want fromyou?

In your brochure tell thecustomer everything in detail that they need to know about your small business.This may sound obvious but there are many small business brochures that I haveread that are merely just a long list of items, giving no details about thecompany, the service, or how it works. According to Jane Maas’s book, Better Brochures, Catalogs and Mailingpieces, “Tell customers what is included what, are the cost, what are thehours.  Graphic devices can help tospotlight important information.”

The brochure is advertisingmaterial and must be persuasive. All of the services offered by your firmshould be written in detail descriptions explaining how the service works. Thisis not the time to brag about your company, but explain how your firm helps theclient.

Mass, Jane. BetterBrochures, Catalogs and Mailing Pieces. New York St. Martin’s Press

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How to Write a Proposal for a Construction Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

A construction businessproposal is used to help contractors get jobs and for bidding on RFP’s.
Write from an outline.Outline your proposal before you begin to write it, and use your letterheadstationary. A proposal will help with the bidding and can used when thecontractor is being considered along with a number of other potentialcontractors.

Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need
Company brochures

Write the executive summarywhich will include a brief summary of the project. Tell the evaluators orclient why your contracting business is best for the contract. Demonstrate thatyou understand the client’s requirements for the job.
Explain how your company isgoing to accomplish the work in the statement of work. Write the servicesprovided section.  Focus on thehighlights of your construction business. What are the benefits of using yourconstruction business?

Start the next section withthe qualifications information. Write about the number of similar types of jobs.State the size of each job.  Givereferences from similar types of jobs that you have done and photographs offinished jobs.

Start the forth section costestimate and explain the price you are proposing. List a project price.  Include each service that is proposed with adetailed fee schedule. Give a summary of the cost to the client, cost forlabor, materials and equipment. Write the timeline, include when you will befinished with different stages of the project.

Valuable Insurance Guide:How to Write a General Contractor Business Proposal

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How to Write a Service Proposal for a Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

A service proposal is usedfor asking for funding, bidding on a RFP or used to get investors for yoursmall business. Collect all of the information on your service from brochures, yourwebsite and ensure that graphs that will be included are relevant. Plan yourproposal early before writing it.

Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need
Company brochures

Write an executive summarywhich is a brief summary of the project. Tell the evaluators or client why yoursmall business is the best for the contract.

Write the next section whichyou will give your firm qualifications information. Write about the number ofsimilar types of jobs that you have had in the past. State the size of eachjob.  Give references from similar typesof jobs that you have done.

Write your personnelinformation and the responsibilities of key employees in your firm. List thesupervisors of the service business.

Address the cost estimateand explain the price you are proposing. List a final price for theproject.  Include each service that isproposed with a detailed fee schedule.

Write all expectedcompletion dates. Provide a methodology for documenting bidding on a RFP thecompletion dates. Address every topic in the request for proposal (RFP) andaddress them in the order that they appear in the RFP. 

Eliminate your errors byproofreading and editing. Rewrite sections that are too vague and don’t explainthe full meaning of what you are proposing. Avoid typos that will make your proposal look unprofessional andamateurs.

Have the proposal completed beforethe deadline so you will have time to revise the proposal.

Demonstrate that your firmhas the capability to perform the job.


Tips on Advertising Your Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

You can advertise on abudget and make your money go further. You also have to get former customers touse your business again and give you repeat business. A small business mustadvertise and without breaking their bank. Small business advertising can bedone on a budget, but requires time on your part.

Postcard advertising isideal for the small business owner on a budget. Postcards are a very effectivemarketing method.  The cost is veryinexpensive, first class postage for a postcard is about $0.28 U.S.  You can print labels on your computer; theother side of the postcard should have an offer, for example, give the customersomething free, a discount, or two for the price of one. Create a temptingoffer, and it should improve your response rate.

Sending an email salesletter to a target audience has its advantages. With email marketing you can target your prospects by their interest,age, profession and etc. According to Kenneth Roman, Jane Maas, and MartinNisenholtz’s book, How to Advertise, “Thejoy of direct marketing is its accountability—you quickly know the exactresults of an advertising investment.” With this type of marketing you have theadvantage of tracking your response rate. Your company must provide a way forrecipients to unsubscribe to your email, so make it easy for them to opt-outfrom your email program.

Newsletters are publicrelations material. You also have to get former customers to use your businessagain and give you repeat business. Newsletters keep your small businesses namein front of your prospect.


Kenneth Roman, Jane Maas,and Martin Nisenholtz; How to Advertise; 2003

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What is Direct Response Advertising?

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct response advertisingis used by large corporations, small businesses, consulting firms and companiesof all sizes. Direct response advertising is not as expensive as traditionaladvertising, it can be tracked and it offers a lot of different media outlets.It allows you to communicate with your customer by direct mail campaign,infomercial, radio, magazine, mail order, and email.

In direct responseadvertising the prospect is urged to call the advertiser right away to receivethe offer. Direct response methods include coupons to cut and mail, reply cardsin direct mail, and toll free telephone numbers. For example, if you aresending direct mail you can send a reply card and ask the prospect to mail itback with their phone number if they want more information.

Direct response advertisingworks because it requires a call to action. You can use a time sensitivestatement in your in your call to action. For example, call now for a free giftand if you call within the next twenty minutes you’ll get the second item free.Direct response advertising can be tracked. This type of call to action allows theadvertiser to track the offer and run similar offers and track which onereceived the best response.

Business Dictionary: DirectResponse Advertising

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How to Write a Proposal for a Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

A proposal for a smallbusiness requires careful preparing before you write it.  Begin the process with an outline this willhelp you organize your thoughts and help you prepare the information that needsto go into the proposal.  A smallbusiness proposal can help your business get business loans, investors, ormore commercial clients.

Executive summary. Why should they choose your companyand why your small business is the best for the contract? Write how yourcompany is going to accomplish the requested work and how you’re going to doit. Write the history of your company.

Write the “Resume andqualifications” section. Write about your qualifications and your experiencewith similar jobs. Tell the evaluators the responsibilities of key personneland subcontractors and provide their resumes.

Address major topics in therequest for proposal (RFP) and address them in the order that they appear inthe RFP.  What are the expectedcompletion dates?

Cost Estimate. Propose your price. List and itemize eachservice that your company is going to perform with a detailed fee schedule.Include a maintenance cost estimate which is an estimated cost for planned orunplanned work which can be carried out in conjunction with the proposedproject, but is not required to meet the intent of the project.

Proofread and revise. Rewrite all sections of the proposalthat don’t explain in detail of what you are proposing. Eliminate all typos.Use section titles and subheadings.

Find FRP: GovernmentContracting: How to Write a Proposal or Respond to a Bid Solicitation
Fedmarket: Proposal Writing:Filling the Holes

How to Make a Marketing Letter for a Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Small businesses can usedirect mail to get new clients, get more customers, sell their products, and asa follow up.  One advantage of usingdirect mail is that you don’t have to cold call and if you don’t like coldcalling then sending sales letters may be beneficial. There are many advantagesof using direct mail that will help you market your small business.

Defined exactly what youwant your reader to do after they have read your sales letter?  Would you like your prospect to ask forinformation? Suggest that they send for your information package.  If your goal is for a home visit if this isthe case, you can suggest that you’ll call them to set up an appointment.Having an offer gives the prospect a reason to respond to your direct mail. Usean active voice when writing the offer. 

Work hard to get yourreaders attention and keep it.  Give themyour sells points and stress some benefits of using your business. Useheadlines in the sales letter because they gain attention. 

A sales letter has to have acall to action, which tells the reader to pick up the phone and call now. Ifthe product is sold by mail ask them to send for more information. Make it easyfor your prospect take action.

How to Design Business Cards Online

By Lanee’ Blunt

Business cards can becreated online using an online business card maker, saved, and then taken to aprofessional printer. There are two important aspects of a business card;design and quality. If your card is poor quality you can undermine everythingyou are trying to accomplish.

Open an online business cardmaker.

Use colors that areappealing as a background. Your card can be a reflection of the type ofbusiness you are in. Try not to overload your card with a lot of informationthat is so small you can’t read it.

Include your name, companyname and company logo, title, phone number, email address, and website. Use aclear readable font such as Times New Roman or Helvetica.

Browse the design galleryand select a Business card. There are many styles to choose from that can bechanged to suit your needs. Customize your cards or just pick a design that youlike. Choose the full bleed image which prints to the edge of the card—8 cardsper page, or choose no bleed which prints white between cards—10 cards perpage. It will depend on the style of card that you have selected.

With some online businesscard makers you can instantly create and print your own cards at home. Withsome online companies they will print the cards for you and ship them within aspecified time.

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What License Do You Need to Start a Business?

By Lanee’ Blunt

Some small businesses mayneed an operating license and beyond that you may need specific environmentalpermits so it depends on the type business you are starting up. A businessneeds be licensed and it will depend on your business if you need to belicensed at the federal, state or local level.

Licensing rules vary byindustry, state and locality. So it’s important to understand your licensingrules for your own state. Unless your business is regulated by the Federalgovernment you will need to get your licensing requirements from your state andlocal government. To obtain a business license it involves filling out aregistration form.

If you are going to dobusiness that is supervised and regulated by the federal agency you may need toobtain a federal license. Businesses that are involved in the interstatetransportation of animals, animal products, biologics, biotechnology and plantscontact the U.S. Department of Agriculture for permits. Businesses that areretailers of alcoholic beverages, such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants andretail liquor stores should contact their states Alcohol Beverage Control Boardfor specific permit and license information.

Display your licenses orpermits because most states require that businesses display licenses socustomers can see them.

SBA: Obtaining BusinessLicenses & Permits

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Direct Marketing Sales Leads Tips

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct marketing works if itis done the right way. It is effective if you research your target demographic.There are companies that you can hire to conduct a market research for you, orcompanies that offer paid memberships that give you access to market research.It is important that you know your market because you can have the best directmail package, or email campaign and if your mailing list is wrong you won’tprofit from the campaign.

House List
A house list is a mailinglist that is made up of customers and prospects. It is very important for youto keep accurate records of customers, prospects, and referrals that you havereceived. One of the best lists available to you will be your house list whichis a list of customers and people that have already responded to your ads andhave bought from you in the past. They may still be interested in your productor service. A response rate is higher when you call the prospects on your houselist. They are already familiar with your business and they may be members ofyour newsletter or maybe you have met them networking or at trade shows.

Rented List
You can purchase a mailinglist from a list broker or media company to use for a specified length of time,or for a certain number of communications. Before you order your mailing listyou should be clear of who are your best customers and clone them.

Find More Buyers: How toOrder the Most Profitable Marketing List
Entrepreneur Connect; How toBoost Direct Marketing Sales Leads; Candy Lee; 2011
Marketing Direct; LeadGeneration Response Rate Winner; George Clay

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Best Home Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Work from home--Henkster

Best home business to get into when you arelooking for an honest way to make a living either as a part-time supplement toyour income or a full-time income.  Manypeople believe that working from home means that you work from your pajamas andyou can work whenever you want to at your own hours. But working from home ismuch more than that you must be your own boss and push yourself harder and mosttimes you put in more than 40 hours a week.
There are many ideas to choose from but thefirst thing to consider is do you want a service business or to sell a product?

Computer Services
A computer technician, programmer, systemsengineer, web designer are always in high demand. You could have a profitablebusiness from home by becoming a subcontractor or a consultant. The hourly ratefor these services is very high for freelancers.

If you are doing your friends and familiestaxes you should consider going into a home business.  You will need software and a computer foryour business.  Market your business, senddirect mail, design a website, and pass out fliers.

Freelance writing is a good home basedbusiness. Can you write ads, brochures, and website content? Market yourservices to corporations as a freelance copywriter by sending direct mail, orcold calling.  Freelance copywriters arein demand especially in today’s economy with corporations downsizing.

Online Store
Sell products on eBay, Amazon, orCraigslist.  Or you can set up an onlinestore and sell products on your own website with a drop-shipping service.  You can also sell used goods or buy goodswholesale.

MSN Money; America's Best Home-BasedBusinesses; Start up Nation; 2010
Entrepreneur;Businesses You Can Start at Home; Lesley Spencer Pyle; 2010

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Business Cards

By Lanee’ Blunt

Small businesses andconsultants should have a business card that includes their company logo. Abusiness card should always be kept in your wallet and make sure that they lookprofessional.  If your card is poorquality you can undermine everything you are trying to accomplish.  Your business card should look professional,so that you will be ready to compete in the market place. 

You can create aprofessional business card that is cost effective, visually appealing, and ableto capture the essence of what your company is all about.

Your business card can beused for advertising because it is smaller than a post card or brochure and youhave limited space. When creating it, included your name, company name yourcompany logo, title, phone number, email address, and website. Use a clearreadable font such as Times New Roman or Helvetica.

They can be created onlineand saved then taken to a printer. Open an online business card maker. Someonline business card makers have nothing to download or install on yourcomputer. You will be able to design your own printable business card.  Look at the templates.

Create a business card withMicrosoft word or a desktop publishing program. Choose a publication designthat you like in the gallery.   ABusiness card template appears. Click on a card. Click download.  Have the business card printed professionallyor take the saved file to a copy service center and have has many as you wantprinted.

Include your business cardswith all of your correspondence. When you fill out an estimate attach abusiness card. Leave your business card with your accountant, dentist, anddoctor.

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What is Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct mail is a selectiveform of advertising. The direct mail package is directed to the person thatappears on the mailing list. It can be used as a follow up of people that haveshown interest in your product or service. 

Your direct mail can betargeted toward a group of people and written just for that group to interestthem in your product or service. “Direct mail is the only mass medium that canbe directed toward target groups or prospects. The message may be highlypersonalized and can also be designed as an effective market research tool,”according to B. Charles Ames and James D. Hlavacek, in their book, Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms.

Direct mail is used to getmore qualified leads. When you need more prospects send out another batch ofletters.  There will be no cold callingand when you call the prospect they will expect to hear from you.

An email letter can be usedas direct mail too. It is a good marketing tool. You don’t want to send spam,but a sales letter that will be effective. You can write a marketing letter that will get your foot in the door andget your product sold.  Email marketingletters are successful if handled properly. Email used as direct marketing ischeaper because you don’t have to worry about the cost of printing the mailingpiece, the envelope, and the postage.

Direct mail is an excellentway to sell your product by mail. You can use as many words or as many picturesas it takes to make the sale by adding a brochure or catalogue with the letter.


B. Charles Ames and James D.Hlavacek; Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms; Random House

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How to Write a Café Business Plan

By Lanee’ Blunt

A café is a business thatcan get big, depending on what you are planning on serving. Start with abusiness plan because it may help you ask for funding; persuade potentialinvestors to support the business financially. Start the business proposal witha market study that profiles your customer base, current sales in the marketarea, and pricing features of competitors.

Write an executive summarywhich is a brief summary of what the café is and where it will be located. Tellthe reader why your café is a great business for example, if it is going toserve all organic foods. What are the services that you are going to provide?

Write the managementsummary. Write your mission statement. Write about the management team. Who isgoing to be the general manager?  Whatexperience and education does he or she have? Who is going to be the chef andthe experience that he or she has?

The finance section of thebusiness plan should include your cash flow statements, of each year you havebeen in business—up to three to five years, company income statements, balancesheets and other financial ratios, such as a break-even analysis. Or a costestimate that explains the estimated cost of the building, equipment needed, costof installation of equipment, vehicles needed for transportation. You mayrequire help from your accountant or a good spreadsheet software program.

Eliminate all errors byproofreading the business plan. Rewrite sections that are too vague and don’texplain the full meaning of what you are planning.  Avoid typos that will make your business planlook unprofessional and amateurs.  If youdon’t have the skills to write your business plan there are online resourcesthat can assist in formulating a business plan or there is Business Plansoftware that you can purchase that will help you.


Inc: How to Write a BakeryBusiness Plan

Direct Marketing

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct marketing is used bylarge corporations, small businesses, consulting firms and companies of allsizes. Direct marketing may boost your business by winning you qualitycustomers.  It allows you to communicatewith your customer by email campaigns, interactive consumer websites, mobilemessaging, fliers, catalog distribution, sales letters, direct mail packages,and online display ads. It is designed to obtain orders directly by mail. It isnot just advertising, but the combination of advertising and selling.

Direct marketing is thecombination of contacting and influencing a chosen set of prospects by usingdirect mail, telemarketing, and etc. The marketing messages are addressed tothe prospect and focuses on the target market. A mailing list that has beenqualified for the target market is tested and used. For example, if you aresending emails you would purchase an opt-in email list from a list provider.The specialized list purchased from a commercial list house may be developedfor lawyers, dentist, nurses, college professors, teachers, and accountants,etc.

It may take severalapproaches before you may turn a prospect into a buyer. Direct marketing is analternative to cold calling and attracts qualified leads to your business, andkeeps them in the loop until they are converted into customers. It will provideyou with a set of clients that can give you referrals. Direct marketing can bemeasured which will help you stay on target if your campaign was successful.For example, if a business sends out 1,000 sales letters and 100 prospectsrespond to the promotion, the business knows that campaign led directly to a10% direct response rate.

Business Dictionary: DirectMarketing
Systematic Direct Marketing:Direct Marketing

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