How to Write a Construction Bid Letter

By Lanee' Blunt

Write a professional bid letter--

Writing a construction bidletter can win you the bid. You must make sure that your letter looksprofessional. The letter must be planned before you begin to write it. Thiswill be part of the sealed bidding process and it will be different fromwriting a proposal.


Things You’ll Need
Cost of material
Cover report
White printer paper

Knowledge of the Requirements
 Make sure that you understand the fullrequirements of the scope of work. Study the specifications and requirements ofthe invitation for bids (IFB).

Write your Bid Response
Write the date of the letterand the legal name of your contracting company. The project name of which willbe assigned to the contractor. Write a paragraph about your company. Writeabout your work experience as a contractor including the number of years. Givesamples of the type of work performed. The second paragraph tells how yourorganization will perform the work. The format of the letter is not thatimportant just make sure that it is professional looking and on your companyletterhead.

Your bid price should comeout of the budget detail, the materials, labor, overhead, packaging andtransportation. The price must meet the supplier’s rate of return objectives.

The bid letter look should professionaland on good quality paper. Use your letterhead stationary and a glossy cover.Proofread the letter for typos and errors. Submit all of the necessaryattachments that must be included with the IFB.

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