How to Create a Company Letterhead on your Computer

By Lanee' Blunt

Your company letterheadrepresents your small business. It shows that you are professional and thatyour company is here to compete in the marketplace. There are many letterheadsto choose from, so it will depend on the type of business you have and how youwant it to look.

Software Packages
There are many softwarepackages on the market that will do the job. Most desktop publishing programscome with templates that create letterheads. Microsoft word will create a professionallooking letterhead too, and is easy to use. Go to the file menu click “New” andfrom there you’ll get the templates. Pick a color scheme and letterhead designthat you like.

Incorporate any graphic orimage in your logo design. You can place your logo at the top of the page. Pickan image that is related your company. If you already have a logo for yoursmall business you can scan the image into the template and download it intothe letterhead.

Add Your Information
Choose the font size that iseasy to read. Give your business name impact by making the font size larger andchoosing a font style that stands out from the rest of the text. Format thename in bold or italics. Type your address, phone, fax, website, and emailaddress directly onto the template.

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