4 Ways to Advertise a Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Affordable advertising--

Advertising your smallbusiness on a budget can be challenging. However, advertising can be done on abudget, but it requires some time on your part. Here are four options you maywant to consider that are inexpensive and effective. 

Get Listed Electronic Directories
Electronic directories are agood place to list your business, some of them are free, and they let you writeabout your small business. Write an attention grabbing headline. List your businessin the Yellow Pages. 

Classified Advertising
Advertise your smallbusinesses in the classified section of newspapers or magazines. Classified adcharges are based on the number of lines, and on the number of words.  Classified ads are inexpensive and effective.

Door Hangers
Write an ad and target themarket that you want. For example, if you have a landscaping business you mightwant to target a high-end housing district. Door hangers are anotherinexpensive way to advertise your business they are affordable and effective.

Postcard advertising ishdeal for the small business owner on a budget. You can print labels on yourcomputer; the other side of the postcard should have an offer, for example, announcea sale, a discount, or two for the price of one. Create a tempting offer, andit should improve your response rate.