Postcard Marketing Tips

By Lanee’ Blunt

Postcard marketing works ifit is done the right way. Postcard advertising is ideal for the small businessowner on a budget. You have a better chance of getting the postcard readbecause it has no envelope. It is important that you know your market becauseyou can have the best laminated postcard, with graphics design and if yourmailing list is wrong you won’t profit from the campaign.

The Offer
The postcard should have anoffer.  What does your company offer theprospect?  Your response rate will bemuch higher if your small business has an offer.  You might offer free shipping, or a specialbonus offer, or a discount on your service.

The Mailing List
Purchase a mailing list froma list broker or media company to use for a specified length of time, or for acertain number of communications. Know your audience before you order yourmailing list. It is important that you are clear about your best customers and thentry and clone them. The best lists available to you will be your house list.  A house list consists of customers and peoplethat have already responded to your ads and have bought from you in the past.

The cost is low, here in theUSA;postage for a postcard is about $0.28 opposed to $0.44 for a first classenvelope. You don’t have to send a lot of postcards at one time, and if youhave a new prospect then them a postcard.

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