How to Advertise Your Business Service

ByLanee’ Blunt
Advertising your businessservice can be done if you are on a budget. Most business services want toadvertise and want to look for the most cost effective way to do it. Advertiseon a budget and make your money go further. Make your advertising budget workhard.

Personal Letters
Small business advertisingcan to be done on a small direct mail campaign. Send personal letters with theprospects full name and business address. Make the tone of the letter is friendly. It usually begins by gainingthe attention of the prospect, and gives benefits for using your business. Explainin the letter how the business or service can solve a problem. According to JayConrad Levinson, in his book, GuerrillaMarketing, “The writing of personal letters, not direct mailings of largequantities of letters and brochures, but simple, personal letters, is one ofthe most effective, easy, inexpensive, and overlooked methods of marketing.”Personal letters can be very inexpensive.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a form ofdirect marketing. It solicits prospects to take some form of action. Emailmarketing is a very cost effective way that you can market your business, andadd new customers. Sending an email sales letter to a target audience has itsadvantages.  With email marketing you cantarget your prospects by their interest, age, profession and etc. Emailmarketing letters are successful if handled properly.

Have a strong headline onthe flyer. Tell about your service. Stress benefits of using your company.Write your contact information, name, title, phone, address and email address.Use a light colored inexpensive bond paper with two standard colors of ink.Have the flyer printed professionally by a printer because it makes your smallbusiness appear more established to your prospects. Put them on bulletinboards, windshield wipers in office parking lots, and shopping malls.

Door Hangers
Door hangers are anotherinexpensive way to advertise your business they are affordable and effective.You are able to write your own ad on them and target the market that you want.

Jay Conrad Levinson, in hisbook, Guerrilla Marketing, HoughtonMifflin