How to Advertise a Cleaning Service

By Lanee’ Blunt

Having several ads ontelevision may be out of reach for most cleaning services. Most cleaningbusinesses are on a budget and must make their money go further, and make theirads work harder. Your advertising efforts will position your company name inthe customer’s mind so when they think of hiring a cleaning service they’llcall you. Small business advertising can be done on a budget it will requiretime on your part, but it will be worth the effort.

Business Cards
They are an importantmarketing tool because you can make them a mini ad by listing some of yourservices that you offer.  Always carrythem with you and give people at least 2 or 3 so they can refer you to others.

Create a company website sothat customers can research your company information. Write helpful articlesthat will drive traffic to your site.

Get your company listed inthe Yellow Pages. Electronic directories are a good place to have a businesslisted; some are free and will let you include a profile about your company.

Magnetic Sign
Use a magnetic vehicle sign.Include your company information, your website address, and phone number.

Advertise with direct mailpostcards. Get a mailing list. Write a headline that will attract attention forexample, “Cleaning at Affordable Prices. I Guarantee Your Satisfaction.”Include a photo of you and your crew. Show the prices of your service.

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