Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising for Computer Technicians

By Lanee’ Blunt

A direct mail package hasmany advantages to offer your computer repair business. There are many benefitsto using direct mail for a computer technician. Your advertising efforts willposition your company name in the customer’s mind so when they think of hiringa computer technician they’ll call you.

Reaches a Target Market
Your direct mail can betargeted toward a group of people and written just for that group to interestthem in your computer repair service. “Direct mail is the only mass medium thatcan be directed toward target groups or prospects. The message may be highlypersonalized and can also be designed as an effective market research tool,”according to B. Charles Ames and James D. Hlavacek, in their book, Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms.

Low Cost
Your letters can be writtenon your computer. You can send out as many or as few as you like.  You can send out a batch of 500 letters withonly the cost of postage, envelopes and paper. Personal letters are low cost, you can send out as few as oneletter.  According to Jay ConradLevinson, in his book, GuerrillaMarketing, “The writing of personal letters, not direct mailings of largequantities of letters and brochures, but simple, personal letters, is one ofthe most effective, easy, inexpensive and overlooked methods of marketing.”

Direct mail can generateleads. If you don’t like cold calling, then you’ll love direct mail. You cansend out hundreds or even thousands of letters without ever having to make onephone call. The prospect will call you if you provide your contact information.You will have a ratio of how many letters to send to receive a reply.

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