Create a Marketing Brochure for a Consultant Service

By Lanee’ Blunt

Creating a brochure is veryimportant. All small businesses need sales material so that you can make aconnection with your clients and close the sale. The brochure offers prospectsa detailed look at your service, a description of a product or service andenough information to be able to order something or hire you.

The Strategy
Your strategy should beginwith understanding your target audience and what they want from you. Decidewhere you have an edge by studying your competition. Have a plan before youstart to write it, to drive home your selling points.

Explain What the Service Is
Explain completely what yourservice is about.  What do you offer theclient that is different from your competition? What are the types of accountsyou handle? All of the services offered by your firm should be written indetail descriptions explaining how the service works.

Ask for the Order
Tell the reader what thenext step will be. What action do you want them to take, telephone, credit cardor check, or go to your website. Always include a clear call to action in yourbrochure.

Don’t wait until the lastminute to create a brochure. You will have limited time to create one when youare trying to win a bid, or when a prime prospect asks for more information onyour service. Whether consumers are buying a car or hiring an accountant theystill like to glance through a brochure.

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