How to Create a Small Business Website Home Page

By Lanee’ Blunt

A website home page is whereyou will address your customers and prospects and where customers come to learnmore about your small business. This gives you an opportunity to sell to yourprospects. Content is the most important thing about your website. It shouldlook good but it should also help sell your product or service.

“Web developers areconcerned with layout and graphics that serve primarily to make the websitemore readable and not the key drivers. Strip away the bells and whistles thatweb developers design with flash presentation, rich media and there is nosale,” according to Robert Bly in his book The Online Copywriter’s Handbook.

A home page should tell thecustomer about your small business. Know your audience and think in terms ofwhy they are coming to your website, and what are they coming to learn aboutyour small business.

Write a killer headline foryour home page. Your headline is very important and you must give a lot ofthought to it. You must attract attention and interest to your home page.People are always in a hurry and they are not going to read your business talkunless you make it worth their while and let the headline attract theirattention.

Write about the benefits ofusing your product or service. How does your service solve problems? Do yougive a money back guarantee; are you cheaper than the competition?

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