Advantages of Direct Mail for Mortgage Brokers

By Lanee’ Blunt

A direct mail can beproduced with a laser printer, letterhead stationary, and a qualified mailinglist. If the sales message is what it should be a percentage of readers on yourmailing list will respond about the advertised product or service. When youneed more leads for your mortgage business there are some advantages of using asales letter to generate leads.  Directmail is not just for large corporations, if it is written correctly, it will beto your advantage to use.

Sales Letter
A sales letter is used inthe direct package. It is a powerful tool if written properly. The lettershould drive home your selling points and the benefits of using your mortgagebusiness. A careful analysis of the market has to be made when you write theletter. For example, it requires that you know your audience. The letter has togain the attention of the reader and specify your selling points. Most of theselling in the direct mail package is done in the sales letter. Sales lettercan outdo most of the direct mail packages that don’t have a letter.

The Direct Mail can be Tested
A great benefit of using adirect mail is that it can be tested to see how well it will do. Before youinvest your time and your money in a direct mail program you should test yoursales letter.  You have to know if theletter will pull a response.  You can usea small sample of one hundred letters, mail them and test your response.  If the letter is not strong enough and youreceive no response then you must revise your letter.

You Can Determine your Response
Lead generating direct getresults. Each time you send it out you can expect the package to pull in thesame amount of leads. You can determine the result of your direct mail afteryou send out the package.  After you havetested the sample your response rate should be the same every time you send thedirect mail. According to C.A. Nolan and R.F. Warmke’s book, Marketing Sales Promotion and Advertising, “Largebusiness organizations make every attempt to predetermine the market before asales letter campaign is started.”

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