Advantages of Email Marketing Letters

ByLanee’ Blunt

Emailmarketing is an effective way to advertise your product or service.  Your email marketing letter can providecustomers with information, and special offers. Most small businesses may notunderstand how email marketing can benefit their business here are some advantagesof email marketing letters.

Oneadvantage of email marketing is that it is cost effective. By using a freeemail account your email marketing will be free. Emailing direct mail ischeaper than sending regular direct mail you will save on postage, andstationary.

Emailmarketing has the advantage of reaching a wide range of prospects. It allowsyou to market your product or service around the clock. The internet allowsprospects to respond to your email messages immediately.

Directemail marketing can be measured. You can keep track of your marketing effortsby measuring the details from the open and click through rates to evaluate thesuccess of your campaign.

Fastand Easy
Itallows marketers the ease of delivering messages fast. Just with the basicknowledge of the internet you will be able to type your direct marketing letterand click send. It is also fast, your prospects will receive your emailmarketing letter within minutes. The speed is faster than direct mail, waitingfor the post office to deliver, and waiting to hear from the prospect.