How to Advertise a Small Business for Free Online

ByLanee’ Blunt

Whenyou need new clients or customers despite how good your product or service isyou will have to advertise. In difficult times the marketing budget is alwaysthe first to go. When you are on a budget you can network and also cold call. Advertisingyour small business for free is possible online.

Getyour small business listed in online directories. Electronic directories are a goodplace to have your business listed; some are free and will let you include aprofile about your small business.

Itis a free way to advertise your business. Set up an account by submitting yourcompany information, photos and video. You have to verify your listing by phoneor by postcard. Google places will list your small business. After the listingis setup, fill out the information about your company, phone, fax, email.Include your payment options and your categories for your business. Most consumerssearch for local businesses online.

Listyour company on craigslist. Post an ad on Craigslist for free. List yourbusiness under the right category and location.

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