How to Create a Sales Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt

Creating a sales brochure is more than adding a list of yourservices to a desktop publishing program. Your company brochure must reflectyour overall company image and be in tune with your marketing message. Don’twait until the last minute to create a brochure. You will have limited time tocreate one when you are trying to win a bid, or when a prime prospect asks formore information on your small business.

Know Your Audience
The brochure has to be written with your audience inmind.  What do they want from yourcompany? This is not the opportunity to go on and on about how great yourcompany is. Look at it from the prospective of; what do they want from you?

Describe What You Offer
You should have a well-planned outline before you write it,so you can drive home the selling points. The brochure has to provide informationabout the features of using your product or service. “There are many ways toformat and design a brochure, but the content is the most important part ofyour brochure and its purpose is to inform the reader with intention selling, accordingto Ian B. Rosengarten’s book How to Market your Business.

The layout of the brochure is important and you should be concernedwith how it looks. Use visuals that will help you make your sales point. “Thebest brochure photos demonstrate the product’s usefulness by showing it inaction. Putting people in these photos usually adds to the visual’s appeal(people like looking at pictures of people), according Robert W. Bly in hisbook The Copywriter’s Handbook. A Step by Step Guide to Writing Copy thatSells. Your paper size is important also, you have a choice between two basicbrochure print sizes 8 ½” X 11” or 11” X 17”.

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