How to Open a Bakery Business

ByLanee’ Blunt

Youmay get a lot of compliments from your family and friends about your cakes andpies. Owning your own bakery may be your dream and you want to open a bakery. Adegree in pastry arts may help, but it's not necessary to open a bakery. Youcan learn the craft with time and experience and you have the potential to makegood money.

Writea Business Plan
Abusiness plan will be required if you are going to request financing,considering constructing, remodeling or taking over an existing food establishment.It can help you by getting you a business loan and investors.

Evaluateyour funds and make sure that you have enough money to carry you through 18 to24 months.  Baking entrepreneurs oftenself-finance. You may need to secure outside funding. Try your local communityto bank.

Lookfor a high traffic location, for example near a school, college, bus or trainterminal.

Buycommercial sized equipment that will be able to stand the heavy cookingyou will be doing. Talk to equipment dealers for the best technical advice.

Youwill need to check with your state for information or contact the Bureau ofConsumer Health Services to get a health inspection. Once the inspection hasbeen passed, fill out the necessary forms and pay for the permit. For a mobilebakery stand you will need an inspection of your kitchen and apply for aseparate mobile food permit. Visit or go to your local health departmentwebsite and find out the licenses and permits you will need to apply for.


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