Affordable Small Business Advertising

By Lanee' Blunt

Advertising a small business is effective when you put increativity and time. You may not have a big advertising budget when startingout, but there are several ways to advertise and produce results. Use a combinationof advertising ideas. Advertise in peak seasons if you’re in lawn care,housekeeping, and roofing. Here are some small business ideas.

Write Personal Letters
Advertise your small business by sending personal salesletters, use your computer to generate the letter, and use the mail mergefeature it will personalize your mailing list. Write a personal letter with afriendly tone for example; sound as if the prospect is sitting across from yourdesk in your office. Address the letter with the prospects full name andaddress. Most letters say something personal to the prospect, for example,congratulations on opening your new business. You can stress the benefits ofusing your product or service in the letter. The personal letter should containa specific piece of information. It contains a P.S., and it must be signed inink or a fountain pen.

Get Listed in Directories
Numerous directories carry a large amount of advertising.List your small business with the Yellow Pages. You will get local calls fromyour advertisement. The Yellow Pages is used often and almost by everyone. Thedirectory is usually used when someone has searched for a definite need orinformation. Create your ad like you would for a business-card with a listingof; the name, the trademark, the product, or the service that you offer.Register on web directories also. There are a number of free directories thatwill list your business information and telephone number.

Get Referrals
A good referral program can go a long way for gettingcustomers. Devise a referral program and give a free gift if your customersgive you three referrals. Ask them for a name, address, and phone number ofthree of their friends.

Specialty Products
Get pens, calendars, or mugs made up with your smallbusiness name, address and phone number. Distribute the specialty item toclients, to prospects and to everyone that you think can use your product orservice.

Pay Per Click
The approach is different from advertising on televisionwith pay per impression. Adwords is pay per click (PPC) which allows you toadvertise your website or a product on the side or top of the page of thesearch engine or on someone’s website. When someone clicks on your ad they will be directed to your website.This drives traffic in high volumes to your website.


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