Tips on Direct Mail Marketing

ByLanee’ Blunt

Direct mail isnot just for large corporations, if it is written correctly, it will be to youradvantage to use. It will help you get more prospects. Actually the salesletter is ideal for small business because it can completely give the benefitsof using your service. The package can be highly personalized to your targetaudience and can be produced with a laser printer, and letterhead stationery.
They are goodat keeping your name in front of prospects so when they are ready to buy theymight call your company.  They areeffective in helping to keep in touch with former customers.  You can obtain better qualified leads andwhen someone sends you a reply form back they will be expecting you to callthem.

The direct mail should have an offer.The most important element to have in direct mail is the offer. It gives theprospect a reason to respond to your direct mail. An offer is what yourprospect will receive when he calls you. The offer gives the prospect a reasonto call. For example, you can offer your prospect a free sample if he calls, orgive him a free informative brochure.
Your directmail can be targeted toward a group of people and written just for that groupto interest them in your product or service. Examine carefully your product orservice and make a list of the features and benefits.