Lead Generation Strategies

By Lanee’ Blunt

Lead generation is not a new concept. Large corporations and brokers often advertise that they will send a booklet of information concerning income tax or their special market letters free of charge. The purpose of the free offer is to get names of people of a certain financial standing that is interested in the offering. Gaining leads for your small business is a numbers game.

An ad can be written for your product or service to produce a certain amount of leads. Ads that are aimed to generate leads do not give the full story, to get the full story the prospect must call, mail in a coupon, write, or go to a website. You can launch the ad promotion for a certain amount of days and then cut the ad when you have enough leads. Although, advertising has a high cost you still have a high level of control.

A referral is a low cost method of lead generation. Be creative in obtaining referrals. You can create a referral program by contacting your customers within 30 or 45 days and ask them for three names and phone numbers of someone they know that can use your product or service.

Lead Generation Agencies
They specialize in providing leads for your company. These leads are usually qualified for your product or service. Your product or service is advertised and promoted on a website. The consumer finds the informational website or directory and then they are able to complete an online quote or form which is submitted to the agency. The new lead’s information is verified and sent to the appropriate provider in an email.

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