How to Make Quality Business Cards

ByLanee’ Blunt

Businesscards are used for networking, advertising to get your message out there, andfor your making contact information available to prospects. A small businessowner should have a quality business card because it lets customers know thatyou are ready to compete. You can make a business card on your computer or goto a professional printer.
Createa Business Logo
Alogo can be created using a graphics program or a clip art program. Choose alogo that relates to your company. Save the image of the logo in a .jpg or .pngfile.
Openthe tools menu and choose business cards. Look at the templates. Choose apublication design that you like in the gallery.   A Business card template appears. Click oncard. Click download. Type your business informathon into the personalinformation page.  This includes yourname, job or position, organization name, address, phone, fax, and email.Import your company logo right in the design of the business card. Your logoshould be a design that expresses what your business is and helps you stand outfrom the competition.
Savethe File
Ifyou are going to print the business cards yourself use the Print Previewcommand to make sure that the cards look satisfactory. Print as many as youneed. If you are going to let a professional print the card save it on CD andtake it to a copy center.