How to Open an Estate Sale Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Starting an estate salebusiness can be lucrative if you love to deal with antiques and organizingthings. An estate sales facilitator is called in when a loved one has died orif the family has to put someone in a nursing home. The family may not want todeal with the cleaning up and organizing of the loved ones items and gettingthe items sold so that the home can be sold.

You must set up yourbusiness as a legal entity. Decide which form of ownership is best for yourparticular business: sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited LiabilityCompany (LLC), corporation, or S corporation. You can operate your business under your own name or get a fictitiousname DBA and operate as a sole proprietorship. Get bonded because most familieswon’t work with you if you are not bonded. Obtain insurance to protect yourselfif you accidentally damage property or if you get hurt while on the job.

Hire employees. You may haveto work for families that have not cleaned up. And you may need to hire someoneon days when you have a lot of organizing to do for the big sale.  

Advertise your estate salebusiness. Market your business by passing out fliers. You can put up signsannouncing the sale. Put an ad in the newspaper.

The estate sale business isa good business and is almost recession proof. There will always be someonethat will need your service for their love one. If you are not great atappraising antiques you can always outsource and have a professional appraisethe antiques. Develop relationships with realtors and ask if they can recommendyou to their clients.


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