Marketing Brochure Example

ByLanee’ Blunt

Writingbrochure content is important when you understand what you want the brochure toaccomplish. A good marketing brochure is the result of exceptional planning.Whether you need a brochure for a new product that you are launching or if youneed one to pass out after your public speech, you’ll need to follow a basicstructure.
Whatis Your Product or Service?
Describeyour product or service completely. Convince the prospects to buy your productin the brochure. Customers want the information especially if they are going tospend a lot of money on a big ticket item. For example, a vacation or college,so don’t just give the information but sell also.

DescribeWhat You Offer
Allof your services should be written in detail. Describe what you offer and howyou are different from your competition. Don’t just focus on your company butfocus on your customer. Talk about how your product or service can service theneeds and wants of your customers.

Usegraphs, charts, tables, and other visual aids to help illustrate your product.Organize the brochure with headings and subheads which make it easy to read.Use photos that show how your product is used. Write a caption under each ofyour photographs.

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