Creating a Small Business Website

ByLanee’ Blunt

Creatinga small business website for your company is a wise investment. After you haveset up the website what content should you include on your site? Most smallbusinesses are concerned with graphics, and miss the one thing that sells.Words. A salesman knows the right presentation to bring in sales. Why shouldn’tyour website do the same thing for you?
Studyyour competitor’s site carefully and stress how your small business isdifferent. Please don’t plagiarize. Stress what makes you stand out from thecrowd.

Listthe benefits of your company. Think about why your visitors are coming to yourwebsite. What is in it for them and what do they want?

Youmust build trust and credibility. There are a lot of phonies out there andpeople looking to scam others. What value do you offer your customers?

Includeall of your contact information in one place. A contact page complete withaddress, phone, fax, email, and etc.

Callto Action
Youwant the prospect to buy from you, or generate an inquiry. You can create acall to action to get an immediate response. The offer might be for example,enter your email address for a free newsletter.

Yourwebsite is an excellent place to send your customers to learn more about yourcompany and to showcase your service. Reference:

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