Advantages of Using Samples for Marketing Your New Product

By Lanee’ Blunt

Free samples have alwaysbeen an effective benefit in marketing. Using samples is a marketing tool thatwill help to build consumer awareness about your product. Giving out samplescan help you get repeat business and create brand loyalty. There are severaladvantages to using samples.

Giving a prospect a freesample to give you a referral is an excellent incentive to get referrals fromcustomers. Another benefit is allowing the customer to send a complimentarygift to a friend.

The sample program createstrust from one friend to another. From the referral of a friend the prospecttrust the company or salesperson. As a result the prospects usually listenclosely to the sales message and buy at a higher rate than other sources thatdon’t offer a sample.

Lead Generation
Free sample offers allowsusers to collect the names and addresses of people that are interested in theproduct. Your company will get high quality leads that can be converted byusing other marketing campaigns.

Samples can create brandloyalty by helping to increase product awareness. Online businesses shouldconsider running a free sample campaign. Target the free sample ads around yourwebsite that get the most attention, and put it on all of the pages on yoursite. Capture all your prospects with an email marketing promotion.

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