How to Start a Consulting Business

By Lanee' Blunt

Set up your
consulting company--

Starting your own consultingcompany can be a rewarding experience. What separates a good consultant from a badone is the passion that one brings to the job. As a consultant you should havea lot of experience in your field and be very knowledgeable about the subjectyou are consulting in. Consulting gives you the opportunity to meet potentialclients, establish credibility, and set your own fees.  


Things You’ll Need
Business cards
Business license

Step 1
Work from Home. Starting abusiness from home when you are just starting out requires less investment thanoperating out of a leased office, or owned business property.  Set up a home office in a spare room.

Step 2
Get your client base.Network by passing out business cards, brochures and join twitter and socialnetworking sites. Ask for referrals from your clients or offer incentives forgetting them. Ask for pro bono work when you are first starting out because itmay produce future business.

Step 3
Get Noticed. Send pressreleases to the local newspaper to get notoriety. Write articles and sendqueries to trade journals and business publications. Writing articles helps toget your name in front of your audience and is a form of public relations.

Step 4
Get Licensing. Depending onyour business you may need certification or a license before you start yourbusiness.

Step 5
Acquire a “Doing BusinessAs,” DBA. Register a legal name for your business if you are going to use aname other than your own name. Apply for the DBA with a registration form withyour state and local government. Apply for an Employer Identification Number(EIN) from the US Internal Revenue Service if you have hired employees.

Step 6
Set up a checking accountfor your new consulting company.  Printbusiness cards. Get business letterhead printed with your company name andcontact information. Start a website that you can direct clients to with your contactinformation. Make it easy for prospects to get in touch with you on yourwebsite by setting up an email account in case they want to hire you.

Join your local Chamber ofCommerce.

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