How to Write a Marketing Letter: Sell Products by Mail

By Lanee’ Blunt
Write a sales letter--

Write marketing lettersfor your small business that get attention. Here are some tips on creating sales letters.

There are many advantages ofusing direct mail that will help you market your small business. Don’t shy awayfrom proven methods of advertising because you may not understand how they canwork for your business. Advertising is a challenge and you need to do itwithout breaking your bank.
Defined exactly what youwant your prospect to do after they have read your letter?  Would you like your prospect to ask forinformation? Suggest that they send for your information package.  You may want to give the prospect a homevisit if this is the case, you can suggest that you’ll call them to set up anappointment.

Your product is important tothe consumer in the following ways, what are the benefits that they get forusing it?  The offer is very important inyour sales letter.  What is your primaryoffer, many product sales letters are not productive because they fail to givean offer.  Tell the prospect that youwill ship the product for free, or you have a free special bonus offer. Youdon’t always have to give a free gift you can give a money back guarantee.

You must have a call toaction, which tells the reader to pick up the phone and call now. If theproduct is sold by mail ask them to send for more informatiion. Make yourprospect take action and make it easy for them to do so.