How to Make a Consultant Marketing Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt

A consultant can benefitfrom having a marketing brochure. Having a brochure on your service will helpyou stand out from the competition. The brochure offers prospects a detailedlook at your service. Make your brochure more than just a good looking piece bymaking it sell your service.

Sells Message
Use a headline on the coverof the brochure. This helps people that only skim the brochure by pulling theminto your content. “The cover of a brochure works like the headline of a printadvertisement. State your position or promise a benefit to the reader,”according to Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass, and Martin Nisenholtz, in their book,How to Advertise. Include your contact information, your name, company logo anda visual on the cover.

Short Sections
Use headings that aredescriptive. Your brochure should be divided into sections that are easy tounderstand. Use headlines and subheads that break down the information and makethe copy easy to read.  Use a desktoppublishing software program that gives the brochure a professional look, breaksthe copy down into sections of text which are easy to read and look good in thebrochure.

Brochures should beinformative. Give a lot of information here and explain your service, how itworks, how to hire you, website, prices, and testimonials of other clients thathired you.

Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass,and Martin Nisenholtz; How to Advertise; 2003

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