How to Make a Flyer

By Lanee’ Blunt

Having a flyer is a good wayto sell your product, get new business, or advertise your service. Fliers arean easy method of advertising and can be handed out at trade shows or posted inneighborhood bulletin boards.

Difficulty: Easy

Things you’ll need:
Layout and design program

Put your flyer on collegebulletin boards, retail stores, and local businesses.  Insert flyers in newspapers or localadvertising that distribute to homes in your community. Call the local newspaperand inquire about distributing a flyer inside the newspapers when they aredelivered.  Distribute flyers in localcafé’s, retail parking lots, and colleges.

Create a strong sellingmessage. List the benefits of using your product or business. A description ofyour small business or your product should be written with your target audiencein mind.

Add graphics to the flyer. Avisual that is related to your business for example, a résumé service can add apicture of a keyboard or a contractor can add a graphic of a home.

Provide sufficientinformation on your business to let prospects know what your product or serviceis.  Provide all of your contactinformation.

Get the flyer printed. Theprinter offers a variety of high quality full color flyers that can be createdfor your business.


Ubscure:Cheap Yet Effective Advertising With Flyers

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