Start a Locksmith Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Open a locksmith business--Nkzs

Starting a locksmithbusiness is a good business decision and can be a valuable incomeopportunity.  There are many people thatget their homes burglarized, and lock themselves out of their cars. There is noslowing down on the burglary rate and opening a locksmith business will helppeople make their homes safer.

If you have experience youcan start your business right away. If you are inexperienced you can hireexperienced locksmiths, or take some courses before starting yourbusiness.  Take vocational courses thatfocus on lock installation and maintenance, master-keying, security systems, andsecurity systems repair.

Check with your city becauseyou may need to apply for a license bond as well as a city license. The bondwill cost $100 per year.  You will need areseller’s tax ID number. Register your business name. Starting a locksmithbusiness as a sole proprietorship you have to file a “fictitious name” or“Doing Business As” (DBA) registration form. In some states, you have toregister a DBA with the state government or the county clerk’s office. You willneed your driver’s license or state ID card with your application. If you aregoing to hire employees as a sole proprietorship you need to use the (EIN)Employee Identification Number.  Fill-outthe necessary forms and send them back to the federal government and they willreturn it to you with your EIN number.

Purchase a van or a truckfor your business with a sign for your business name.  Buy tools, equipment, and computer withfinance software.

Market your business bydirect mail, passing out flyers, cold calling, office managers, apartmentcomplexes, and builders. Get a website and business cards. Some people may callyou at 3 am, because they have locked themselves out of their car or home,especially if you have a 24 hour service.


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