How to Advertise Your Business Affordably

By Lanee’ Blunt

Most companies want toadvertise and are looking for the most cost effective way to advertise. Most smallbusinesses are on a budget and must make their money go further, and make theirads work harder. There are several cheap ways to advertise that give you avariety of options to choose from when you are on a budget.

Car Door Magnetic Signs
Car door signs are aninexpensive way to advertise your business and are very affordable. The cost isoften less than $100.00. You are advertising while you drive your car and havethe option to remove the sign when you don’t want to advertise.

Email Your Newsletter

Newsletters help you stay intouch with potential customers by keeping your name in front of them. Creatingan email newsletter can be time consuming, but it is worth the effort becauseit promotes your small business.
“You can distribute yournewsletter using your email program or have people subscribe on your websitedirectly to a list-server,” according to Ralph F. Wilson’s book, Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy.   The newsletter can be sent to potentialcustomers using your Microsoft Outlook email program.  If you don’t have Microsoft Outlook then sendit with your regular email program, but you will have to send the newsletter asan attachment.

Fliers are inexpensive perpiece to produce.  You can use your colorprinter or just use a black printer with color paper stock.  The flier tells what you are offering andexplains how the customer can contact you. 

Door Hangers
Door hangers are anotherinexpensive way to advertise your business they are affordable and effective.You are able to write your own ad on them and target the market that you want.For example, if you have a landscaping business you might want to target ahigh-end housing district.

Ralph F. Wilson’s book;Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy;Wiley; 2002

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