How to Create a Company Logo

By Lanee’ Blunt

Creating a business logo iseasy with graphic design. A business logo can build loyalty between yourcustomers and your company, builds brand awareness, and provides a professionalappeal. The logo must represent your business, so you don’t want one that isjust thrown together without any thought.

Decide how you will use thelogo. Will it be used for a product or a service? Is the logo going to be agraphic and name, a Font type logo, or just a graphic? Consider how IBM andAllstate “good hands“ uses a font-based logo.

The typeface of the logoshould be easily legible. Use Old English for a traditional look, and a moremodern look choose Optima.

Consider a legible size forthe logo because it has to be suitable on the page. Test the legibility beshrinking it to the smallest size.

Price is important with logodesign. Choosing a four or five color logo design may be beautiful on paper,but can be expensive when you go to the printer each time you have to get thelogo printed. Try to keep the color down to a minimum of three colors becauseit is cost effective, and it will work in mediums that won’t allow that manycolor combinations.

Entrepreneur: How to Createa Logo