Ideas for How Contractors Can Use Direct Mail

By Lanee’ Blunt

A contractor can benefitfrom using direct mail for their particular business.  Marketing letters are a great way to getsales leads and can help you market your service with direct mail.  Direct mail is not just for largecorporations, if it is written correctly, it will be to your advantage to use.Direct mail is ideal for contractors because it can completely give thebenefits of using your service.

Get More Customers
Direct mail can be used bycontractors to get more qualified leads. No cold calling is required and when you call the prospect they willexpect to hear from you.

Follow Up
Contractors may use directmail as a follow up to a direct marketing campaign.  The follow-up marketing letter is used tokeep your business name in front of your customers.

Reach Your Target Market
Target your direct mailtoward a specific group of people and write the package just for that group tointerest them in your contracting service. “Direct mail is the only mass mediumthat can be directed toward target groups or prospects. The message may behighly personalized and can also be designed as an effective market researchtool,” according to B. Charles Ames and James D. Hlavacek, in their book, Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms.

Inexpensive Advertising
It depends on how manyletters you are planning to send, and where you plan to get your mailing listfrom. The package is inexpensive and cost effective with only the cost forenvelopes, paper, and postage.

B. Charles Ames & JamesD. Hlavacek; Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms, Random House

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