How to Get Leads for a New Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

New businesses oftenstruggle to get leads for their business when they are starting up. Gettingleads for your business should be cost effective and profitable. A lead must befollowed up on by a salesperson and treated seriously with all efforts ofconverting the lead into a buyer.

Ads that generate leads tryto appeal to buyers to ask for a response for more information. Some itemscannot be sold directly for example, insurance, products that are sold tobusiness or industry and require a salesperson to make a sales call and give apresentation. “Ads that generate leads may give a lot of information or alittle, but they never give the full story. To get complete information, thereader must respond to the ad by writing, phoning, or mailing in a coupon,”according to Robert W. Bly.

List of prospectr

Advertise that you will sendto interested persons a booklet of valuable information for example, taxinformation if you are a broker or CPA. The purpose of this offer is to getsales leads names and addresses of persons interested in future offerings. Manysoftware companies offer free trial offers on their software programs tointerested prospects. If the prospect is interested in their program they areencouraged to register and get the full program download.

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