Start a Small Business Newsletter

By Lanee’ Blunt

Newsletters are publicrelations material. Newsletters help to remind customers about your companywithout being too pushy. They are a great way to follow up on a direct mailpackage and when the customer is ready to buy they will think of your productor service. Newsletters are a great way to remind customers to buy from you. 

Start building a list foryour newsletter by putting your current customer’s names in a special file, andall of your prospects that showed interest in your product or service. Yourhouse list consists of people that have bought from you in the past and is thebest list to work from.

Give the prospect a lot ofuseful information in the newsletter.  Itis not the place to be boring.  Writehelpful articles and interview some of your employees. You can get a lot ofinformation into your newsletter, far more than you can a brochure.

Use a newsletter as an offerin a direct mail piece.  Capture thesubscribers email address on a reply card and send your informativenewsletter.  Make the content fresh andenjoyable.  “Newsletters are one of themost popular uses for permission marketing. You can ask visitors if they would like to receive notification of newproducts, updates to your site, relevant tips, advice, industry news, and soon-whatever might be of interest to your target market,” according to SusanSweeny book, 101 Ways to Promote your WebSite.


Susan Sweeny; 101 Ways to Promote your Web Site; 2001

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