How to Write a Café Business Plan

By Lanee’ Blunt

A café is a business thatcan get big, depending on what you are planning on serving. Start with abusiness plan because it may help you ask for funding; persuade potentialinvestors to support the business financially. Start the business proposal witha market study that profiles your customer base, current sales in the marketarea, and pricing features of competitors.

Write an executive summarywhich is a brief summary of what the café is and where it will be located. Tellthe reader why your café is a great business for example, if it is going toserve all organic foods. What are the services that you are going to provide?

Write the managementsummary. Write your mission statement. Write about the management team. Who isgoing to be the general manager?  Whatexperience and education does he or she have? Who is going to be the chef andthe experience that he or she has?

The finance section of thebusiness plan should include your cash flow statements, of each year you havebeen in business—up to three to five years, company income statements, balancesheets and other financial ratios, such as a break-even analysis. Or a costestimate that explains the estimated cost of the building, equipment needed, costof installation of equipment, vehicles needed for transportation. You mayrequire help from your accountant or a good spreadsheet software program.

Eliminate all errors byproofreading the business plan. Rewrite sections that are too vague and don’texplain the full meaning of what you are planning.  Avoid typos that will make your business planlook unprofessional and amateurs.  If youdon’t have the skills to write your business plan there are online resourcesthat can assist in formulating a business plan or there is Business Plansoftware that you can purchase that will help you.


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