Advantages of a Small Business Newsletter

By Lanee’Blunt

Manybusinesses publish newsletters monthly to their prospects, clients, employees,and customers.  Newsletters are publicrelations material and are used by big corporations to help them promote theirown activities and carry out their missions.

Manysmall businesses want to use newsletters but they don't understand how they canwork for their particular business. Newsletters are not just forsupercorporations and nonprofit organizations; if it is written and producedprofessionally it will benefit your organization. Having a newsletter is a big commitmentin terms of writing and producing, so make sure you have enough material.Decide how often you will publish your newsletter. 

Newsletters Build an Image
Yoursmall business will have the opportunity to build an image with a prospect orclient.  You don't have to cold call ifyou have a client that was unable to make their mind up to order from you. Sendthem a newsletter it helps you keep your business name in front of the client.Over a period of time newsletters are able to help build a reputation with aselect group of prospects.

Gives Credibility
Thenewsletter is less credible than a story appearing in the newspaper or a tradejournal because it is produced by your small business. But the newsletter is arespectable medium and is highly read when you offer information that isinteresting and informative.  They tellus when the next meeting will be, who made partner, they give us financialplanning information, diet tips, and tell us how to remodel our kitchen.

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