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By Lanee’ Blunt
Work from home--Henkster

Best home business to get into when you arelooking for an honest way to make a living either as a part-time supplement toyour income or a full-time income.  Manypeople believe that working from home means that you work from your pajamas andyou can work whenever you want to at your own hours. But working from home ismuch more than that you must be your own boss and push yourself harder and mosttimes you put in more than 40 hours a week.
There are many ideas to choose from but thefirst thing to consider is do you want a service business or to sell a product?

Computer Services
A computer technician, programmer, systemsengineer, web designer are always in high demand. You could have a profitablebusiness from home by becoming a subcontractor or a consultant. The hourly ratefor these services is very high for freelancers.

If you are doing your friends and familiestaxes you should consider going into a home business.  You will need software and a computer foryour business.  Market your business, senddirect mail, design a website, and pass out fliers.

Freelance writing is a good home basedbusiness. Can you write ads, brochures, and website content? Market yourservices to corporations as a freelance copywriter by sending direct mail, orcold calling.  Freelance copywriters arein demand especially in today’s economy with corporations downsizing.

Online Store
Sell products on eBay, Amazon, orCraigslist.  Or you can set up an onlinestore and sell products on your own website with a drop-shipping service.  You can also sell used goods or buy goodswholesale.

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