Direct Marketing

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct marketing is used bylarge corporations, small businesses, consulting firms and companies of allsizes. Direct marketing may boost your business by winning you qualitycustomers.  It allows you to communicatewith your customer by email campaigns, interactive consumer websites, mobilemessaging, fliers, catalog distribution, sales letters, direct mail packages,and online display ads. It is designed to obtain orders directly by mail. It isnot just advertising, but the combination of advertising and selling.

Direct marketing is thecombination of contacting and influencing a chosen set of prospects by usingdirect mail, telemarketing, and etc. The marketing messages are addressed tothe prospect and focuses on the target market. A mailing list that has beenqualified for the target market is tested and used. For example, if you aresending emails you would purchase an opt-in email list from a list provider.The specialized list purchased from a commercial list house may be developedfor lawyers, dentist, nurses, college professors, teachers, and accountants,etc.

It may take severalapproaches before you may turn a prospect into a buyer. Direct marketing is analternative to cold calling and attracts qualified leads to your business, andkeeps them in the loop until they are converted into customers. It will provideyou with a set of clients that can give you referrals. Direct marketing can bemeasured which will help you stay on target if your campaign was successful.For example, if a business sends out 1,000 sales letters and 100 prospectsrespond to the promotion, the business knows that campaign led directly to a10% direct response rate.

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