What is Direct Response Advertising?

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct response advertisingis used by large corporations, small businesses, consulting firms and companiesof all sizes. Direct response advertising is not as expensive as traditionaladvertising, it can be tracked and it offers a lot of different media outlets.It allows you to communicate with your customer by direct mail campaign,infomercial, radio, magazine, mail order, and email.

In direct responseadvertising the prospect is urged to call the advertiser right away to receivethe offer. Direct response methods include coupons to cut and mail, reply cardsin direct mail, and toll free telephone numbers. For example, if you aresending direct mail you can send a reply card and ask the prospect to mail itback with their phone number if they want more information.

Direct response advertisingworks because it requires a call to action. You can use a time sensitivestatement in your in your call to action. For example, call now for a free giftand if you call within the next twenty minutes you’ll get the second item free.Direct response advertising can be tracked. This type of call to action allows theadvertiser to track the offer and run similar offers and track which onereceived the best response.

Business Dictionary: DirectResponse Advertising

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