Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas

By Lanee’ Blunt
Marketing your smallbusiness online gives you the opportunity to reach people globally.  Online marketing is successful if you handleit properly.

Internet marketing can drivetraffic to your company website. In some cases it is more cost effective andcheaper than tradition forms of advertising. Getting an ad on television or afull page ad in the newspaper can be expensive, but putting an ad in an onlinedirectory is much cheaper.
Pay-per click advertising
Thisform of advertising allows a small business to set up an account, select a listof tightly targeted keywords that match your business, with keyword matchingand phrase matching. You will be listed on search engines with an effectivetext ad for your product or service. The keywords are low cost and highlyeffective.

Online Directories.
List your small business with an online directory and write a description about your business.  Use keyword tags.

Email marketing
Make iteasy to sign up for your email newsletter on your website.  You must have a way to capture the emailaddresses on your website. Make sure that all of the subscribers on your listhave opt-in to receive an email newsletter from you.
Banner advertising
Small rectangularadvertisements that range in appearance and size that can be used for productsor a service business. When a prospect clicks on it their internet browser willtake them to your website and advertisement.