How to Write a Proposal for a Construction Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

A construction businessproposal is used to help contractors get jobs and for bidding on RFP’s.
Write from an outline.Outline your proposal before you begin to write it, and use your letterheadstationary. A proposal will help with the bidding and can used when thecontractor is being considered along with a number of other potentialcontractors.

Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need
Company brochures

Write the executive summarywhich will include a brief summary of the project. Tell the evaluators orclient why your contracting business is best for the contract. Demonstrate thatyou understand the client’s requirements for the job.
Explain how your company isgoing to accomplish the work in the statement of work. Write the servicesprovided section.  Focus on thehighlights of your construction business. What are the benefits of using yourconstruction business?

Start the next section withthe qualifications information. Write about the number of similar types of jobs.State the size of each job.  Givereferences from similar types of jobs that you have done and photographs offinished jobs.

Start the forth section costestimate and explain the price you are proposing. List a project price.  Include each service that is proposed with adetailed fee schedule. Give a summary of the cost to the client, cost forlabor, materials and equipment. Write the timeline, include when you will befinished with different stages of the project.

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