How to Advertise Your Business by Email

By Lanee’ Blunt

Small businesses can benefitfrom advertising their business by email. It gives them another option that iscost effective.

Email marketing is a form ofdirect marketing. It solicits prospects to take some form of action. It is costeffective way that small businesses can market their business, and add newcustomers. Sending an email sales letter to a target audience has itsadvantages.  With email marketing you cantarget your prospects by their interest, age, profession and etc. Emailmarketing letters are successful if handled properly.

Building a Mailing List
The subscribers on yourmailing list must opt-in to receive your email, otherwise t it will be considera spam message.  The prospect must havetaken some kind of action to receive your email.  You can also get an opt-in mailing list froma list broker. There are many companies online that you can purchase or rent amailing list. Your company must provide a way for recipients to unsubscribe toyour email, so make it easy for them to opt-out from your email program.
Your house list is the bestlist to work from because it consists of people that have bought from you inthe past. Put your current customer’s names on the list, and all of yourprospects that you’ve given a sales presentation too.

Subject Line
The subject line is thefirst thing that the recipient sees.  Writesomething that will make the prospect read the email.  Use and offer, or write a benefit here.  The subject line has to be fifty charactersor less, so use it to get their attention.

The Offer
When you have an offer inyour email, you must make it possible for the link to be directly on the pagewhich has the offer. Don’t expect the reader to go from page to page lookingfor the offer. Use a custom-designed page thanking them for responding to theemail.