How to Advertise a Small Business Online

By Lanee’ Blunt

Marketing your smallbusiness online is an effective way to advertise. Many small businesses are lookingfor new ways to advertise their businesses as an addition to print advertising. Most online directories allow small businesses to list their business, write a description, and use keyword tags. Advertisingand creating a powerful ad will take time and effort. Write and rewrite the aduntil you come up with an ad that is successful. Create a powerful headlinethat will compel your prospects to take action.

Emailmarketing is a form of direct marketing in which you can reach prospects withan email message for the purpose of acquiring new customers, convincing them tobuy something, or sending advertisements. One advantage of email marketing is that your ROI can be tracked and it hasbeen proven to be high when done properly. All your subscribers must take someform of action to opt-in to indicate that they want you email message. Allsubscribers must know that they can easily opt-out if they don't want yourmessage.

Googleoffers low cost highly effective advertising for your product or service.Adwords provides your small business with effective text ads that are displayedwith search results. When you place your small business ad with Adwords it givesyou the ability to select a list of tightly targeted keywords that include,keyword matching, phrase matching, exact query matching, and negative keywordmatching. This targeting technique will help you create a high targeted adcampaign.

Online Directories
Mostonline directories allow small businesses to list their business, write a description,and use keyword tags.

Listyour product or service with an online classified site because people aresearching for a particular product or service they will find your ad.

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