How to Create a Product Brochure

ByLanee’ Blunt

Productbrochures are widely used in direct mail, and marketing. They are inexpensiveto make and lend themselves to considerable flexibility in use. A productbrochure should be well prepared and well thought-out. Work from an outlinebecause it forces you to think about what you want to say and what needs to beincluded in the brochure.

The Audience
Areyou writing to engineers, insurance companies or managers? Your brochure mustfit the informational needs of your audience. The engineer may be interested inperformance specifications of the product. The insurance company may beinterested in data or charts. Software programmers and engineers explain thatthey want to stick to the technical jargon in the brochure, and anything elseis a lot of fluff. The problem with that is that the product brochure is sales literatureand they often inform, persuade and close the sale.

The Facts
Tellconsumers everything they need to know about your product. Write about theproduct features, the specifications, and the performance. Give many featureson the product, but keep in mind that you must drive home the selling points. Alot of customers complain that brochures don’t give enough facts. The customerswant to know what’s included in the price, your hours, and your range of productsor services.

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