Direct Marketing Sales Leads Tips

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct marketing works if itis done the right way. It is effective if you research your target demographic.There are companies that you can hire to conduct a market research for you, orcompanies that offer paid memberships that give you access to market research.It is important that you know your market because you can have the best directmail package, or email campaign and if your mailing list is wrong you won’tprofit from the campaign.

House List
A house list is a mailinglist that is made up of customers and prospects. It is very important for youto keep accurate records of customers, prospects, and referrals that you havereceived. One of the best lists available to you will be your house list whichis a list of customers and people that have already responded to your ads andhave bought from you in the past. They may still be interested in your productor service. A response rate is higher when you call the prospects on your houselist. They are already familiar with your business and they may be members ofyour newsletter or maybe you have met them networking or at trade shows.

Rented List
You can purchase a mailinglist from a list broker or media company to use for a specified length of time,or for a certain number of communications. Before you order your mailing listyou should be clear of who are your best customers and clone them.

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