How to Make Your Own Business Cards Online

By Lanee' Blunt

Business cards can be madeonline and can look professional. You can make company business cards and addyour company logo.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things you’ll need:
Card stock
PDF (optional)

Open an online business cardmaker. Some online business card makers have nothing to download or install onyour computer. You will be able to design your own printable businesscard. 

Select a Business card bybrowsing the designs gallery. There are many styles to choose from that can bechanged to suit your needs. You can customize your cards. Choose the full bleedimage which prints to the edge of the card—8 cards per page, or choose no bleedwhich prints white between cards—10 cards per page. It will depend on the styleof card that you have selected.

Select your logo design orthey have their own logos, backgrounds or fonts you can also use your ownphotographs.  
Select the font size for thetext on your business card. Type your name, address, phone number, and websiteaddress.

Save your file. With someonline business card makers you can save your file in a PDF format so that itcan be printed professionally, or you can instantly create and print your owncards at home.  Make any changes andreadjustments necessary to the saved file and print.

Make sure that you proofreadthe business card before you print.