Effective Layout for Your Business Card

By Lanee' Blunt

A company business card is important. The business card must represent your business, so you don’t want one that is just thrown together without any thought. Your layout is important. There are two important aspects of a business card that is design and quality. If your card is poor quality you can undermine everything you are trying to accomplish.

A business card that stands out and is memorable can be great for your company’s identity. Make your card unique don’t settle for what other companies are using. Stand out and be different. Make your card something that people want to keep. For example, print a calendar on the back of your card so that prospects can use it.

Eye Appeal

Use colors that are appealing as a background. Your card can be a reflection of the type of business you are in. A contractor can have a card with screws and nails-for a back ground. Be careful not to overload your business card with a lot of text that is so small you can’t read it, or that fold out and should be used in your company brochure.

What Should Be Included?
A business card is smaller than a post card or brochure and you have limited space. You should include your name, company name your company logo, title, phone number, email address, and website. Use a clear readable font such as Times New Roman or Helvetica.

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